Sunrise Welcomes Two New Partners

As a commercial transition agency, Sunrise is involved in the digitalisation of several companies, including DFDS, Gyldendal, Copenhagen Zoo and The Danish Cancer Society. With more clients expected to join this list in the near future, we have recently welcomed two new, digitally focused and internationally experienced profiles to the management and ownership group: Ole Takai as Partner – Digital Strategy & Creation and Teit W. Knudsen as Partner – Digital Strategy & Insights.

With the addition of the new partners, we have revised our digital strategy to define clear ambitions on behalf of our customers. Among other elements, the new strategy is based on the following:

  1. E-Commerce and direct to consumer thinking must drive the development in all companies – both B2C and B2B.
  2. Data is gold, and it must be unearthed, enriched and put to use to create growth.

The difference between digital marketing and digital transformation depends, to some extent, on the level of ambition a company has. Does the company think primarily about digitalization and running marketing on all channels, or does it think more radically in a way that challenges its underlying business models?

At Sunrise, we believe that if you as a company only think about digitalising your marketing efforts, you risk missing out on growth opportunities in a variety of other areas.

“All companies should think about e-Commerce in their digital transformation”

Ole Takai, Partner – Digital Strategy & Creation, Sunrise


Think of your website as a sales channel

While many companies think of their websites as showcases or branding initiatives, the best way to think of a website is as a sales channel. A website must of course still support brand communication and, depending on the company, a variety of other activities, but it is still, first and foremost, a sales channel. All companies, large and small, B2B and B2C, must adopt the mindset of thinking of sales through all digital channels in order to drive a successful digital transformation.

Both Takai and Knudsen bring solid experience with E-commerce and start-ups to Sunrise, with expertise in business development, system integration, data focus and delivery service, 24/7 presence and online customer service.

“We are ready to deliver digital transformations and end-to-end online solutions to create new business – capitalising on the communication platforms Sunrise is adept at developing with customers”

Teit W. Knudsen, Partner – Digital Strategy & Insights, Sunrise

Digital synergies supported by Social Media Marketing

The new partners are already underway with several customer projects, while ongoing discussions with several companies means the list of digital customers could soon grow.

“During the process of getting to know Sunrise, we were pleased to find that the agency is already quite advanced digitally. Among other things, the agency features a social media marketing team, led by Christoffer Kleding, and competencies within CRM and the marketing platform Hubspot. This goes beyond what one would expect from a more traditional agency”, says Knudsen. “Our task as new partners is therefore primarily to create digital synergies for the customers, align the agency’s digital offerings and, naturally, add some in-depth expertise that can drive further growth.”

“This is not an upheaval. Rather, we must put more effort behind a development that has been going on for a long time”, states Takai. “50% of the employees at Sunrise provide digital services and 70% of the new revenue comes from digital solutions. All in all, we believe the conditions are right for Sunrise to reach its goal of creating significant digital growth over the next 3 years.”

Do you want to hear more?
Contact Ole Takai, ota@sunrise.dk or
Teit W. Knudsen, twk@sunrise.dk


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