The convenience-segment is growing rapidly, driving demand for recipe boxes. In 2017, nearly 1 out of 4 Danes ordered recipe boxes or take-away food from restaurants online. A trend that is still increasing.

The market for recipe boxes is currently ruled by a few large players, the majority of which have based their concepts on subscriptions to fixed recipe boxes. We have all heard about Aarstiderne, Skagensfood and Coop.dk, so how could we ensure that nemlig.com got its fair share of the market?

To solve this challenge, Sunrise and nemlig.com initiated a thorough analysis of the market. It revealed an opportunity to tap into an unmet need in the market and hereby strengthen nemlig.com’s existing business by introducing recipe boxes offering flexibility:

  • Customers can have their other groceries delivered with the recipe box.
  • Delivery times have to suit the customer – meaning no requirements to leave a key, boxes being placed outside their home or packaging left behind.
  • Orders and cancellations are possible until 11:59 p.m. the night before, and until 12 p.m. same day for customers in Greater Copenhagen.
  • Customers can choose between fixed boxes or customizable boxes, allowing them to select the contents themselves.

By creating a flexible concept for the recipe boxes, nemlig.com gives value to its customers and further strengthens its vision to create a better life for Danes. The recipe boxes are a perfect fit with the nemlig.com brand: they offer a more convenient way of buying groceries and consumers already associate nemlig.com with delivering groceries to your doorstep.


A comprehensive study of the target group enabled us to identify the following customer insights:
  • Help me help myself
    Consumers request help to help themselves. They need help with the sauce, the meat, the fish, the greens… and with the flavours.
  • Easy and healthy
    nemlig.com’s “better-for-you” is convenient in more than one way: not only is it healthy, it’s also easy to prepare for people with a busy schedule.
  • Price-quality-health
    Three criteria that can’t stand alone, when consumers are looking for convenience. They want value for money and they will not accept low quality.
  • Familiar dishes made easy
    Many people want convenient ways to prepare familiar dishes, either because it’s the safe choice or because they don’t know how to cook their favourites. Others struggle to come up with new ideas.
  • Fun food – exciting food – ambitious food
    Consumers are more likely to experiment with new dishes, when they don’t have all the responsibility.


We also conducted several focus group interviews with our existing customers. The conclusions were clear:
  • Inspire me
    Most people eat the same 10 dishes and find it difficult to come up with new ideas. They want inspiration.
  • Give me the freedom to choose
    Many customers want the freedom of choice, so that they can choose between dishes themselves.
  • Don’t chain me
    Most people don’t want to be chained to a subscription, even if they can pause their subscription or skip deliveries.



The recipe box is the ultimate gift for the modern Danish family, who is struggling to find time in their hectic lives. The box contains delicious recipes that are easy to prepare along with fresh groceries in just the right amounts. And who doesn’t want that to free up some of their time? The problem is that traditional recipe boxes have their limitations.

What do you do when you end up being fewer for dinner than expected? Or more for that matter? Or what about that week, when your teenager suddenly decides she’s a vegetarian? The Danes’ lifestyle isn’t boxed in, so a recipe box shouldn’t be either.

With the new recipe boxes from nemlig.com you’re no longer tied to a subscription, but free to choose between recipes, switch between five different boxes or even customize your very own. You can easily increase or reduce the amounts, if you are expecting extra guests or if your youngest is having dinner at a friend’s. And you can even order the box on the same day as you need it, as long as you order it before 12 a.m.

Welcome our new, flexible version of the recipe box, tailored to the Danish lifestyle in 2018. Try a recipe box that isn’t boxed in.

Nemlig.com – groceries, and recipe boxes, whenever it suits you.


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