CMO Challenges will take place on the 12th of September in collaboration with Dansk Markedsføring.

CMO Challenges is a combination of incisive and relevant keynote speakers, committed participants and professional partners who meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities within the discipline of marketing. One of those speakers is the CCO of Sunrise, Mikkel Heideby.

Mikkel Heideby will present the key findings from an analysis that addresses the challenges CMOs in small and medium-sized enterprises are facing. The analysis is made in collaboration between Sunrise and UserTribe. This clearly shows that there are a number of common features for this type of business. Companies are calling for a new way of working with their agencies and at the same time lacking tangible tools when adapting the marketing strategy as per the wishes from the top management.

Mikkel Heideby will examine the challenges identified by the participants of the analysis. He will answer questions like, how can CMOs prepare themselves and the organization to face the individual challenges.

If you want to know more, please follow this link: https://cmochallenges.dk/

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