After 3 years of heavy rotation, Elretur is ready to reconquer the Danish audience with a follow-up film to their very popular campaign. The setting and the main cast remains the same in the new film. However, there are still a few fun surprises in the tv-spot that breaks a screen near you in the fall of 2018.

Elretur is a Danish non-profit organisation established by various industry associations for electrical and electronic equipment. Among other things, Elretur is by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark bound to inform the Danish population on how to deposit their household batteries in a correct way.

In all fairness information about how to deposit household, batteries are not among the most interesting messages. To be honest – people don’t really care, and they, therefore, tend to forget that batteries should not end their lives in dustbins.

“A boring message asks for at funny presentation”. This was Sunrises recipe when producing the first award-winning and highly popular campaign movie. And that recipe was used again this second time around – but with a few surprises.

The campaign re-enters the market in September. We are very excited about the new film, and we hope that we maintain the high awareness- and liking scores from the first film. 92% of the target group claims they understand the overall message of the campaign. “This is an excellent score for a campaign with a message as boring as this”, concludes Jeppe Bo Ebstrup, Partner at Sunrise

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