Meet our new colleagues

It takes great people to create great work! At Sunrise we have a lot of exiting projects going on and recently we’ve welcomed several new profiles to our team. In this article you can meet four of the newest members of the Sunrise-family: Sara (Digital Consultant), Uffe and Jonas (Art Directors) and Anne-Sofie (Associate Project Manager).

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Sara Gammelgaard,
Digital Consultant

Why Sunrise?
After two years working in London, I wanted to return to Copenhagen. I knew I still wanted to work with clients, so finding a job at an agency was a given. I also wanted to revisit my passion for creative content work and go in another direction than customer success in the SaaS industry. I’ve known about Sunrise from a lot of great talents in my network, and Sunrise’s emphasized focus on digital transformation and social media was a perfect match for me.

How will you make use of your time in the UK?
Working at Hootsuite in London, I got some great insights from some of the largest companies in the world. Most of them are international corporations and their need for digital collaboration and advancement started sooner than what it did here in Denmark. Their audience expects them to be present and responsive to social and on social media. They can gain a competitive advantage in their market as you can move quickly. As a Digital Consultant at Sunrise, I will make sure that our clients are up-to-date on industry trends, but also what is coming and how they can prepare and prioritize.

Uffe Trærup,
Art Director
Jonas Frederiksen,
Art Director

Tell us about your creative journey so far
We recently joined Sunrise as a creative, dynamic duo and we are thrilled to be a part of the agency. To get a feeling of the many different agencies, we have done a lot of freelancing since we graduated from The Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2017. This way we got to know what we like and dislike, and we must say that Sunrise is a perfect match. 

What creative trends do you see at the moment?
Looking at creative trends, we think it has been interesting to see how e.g. alcohol manufactures have met society’s need for hand sanitizer during COVID-19. We hope that this flexibility and solution-oriented mindset will continue to be part of the brand mentality regardless of whether your brand wants to save humanity or not. That said, not all brands need to, or have to, save the world. Our hope is that brands will embrace who they are and use creative advertisement to tell product stories rather than to try and reach higher commercial success.

Anne-Sofie Noltensmejer,
Associate Project Manager

How did you know about Sunrise?
I actually didn’t know much about Sunrise until spring 2020 when Sunrise’s white paper about Costumer Journey was suddenly all over my LinkedIn. I was really fascinated by the white paper and the rest of the strategic and creative work coming out of the agency. Also, I knew I wanted to try working at an agency with different clients and lots of competent colleagues after some years at the client’s side of the table. So, I contacted Sunrise, and now I’m here!

How is it to be newly graduated starting your agency-career?
From the beginning, I’ve got the feeling of being taken care of as well as being ensured a steep learning curve. When I started a few weeks ago, I was welcomed with a start-up plan and scheduled introductory meetings to all parts of the agency as well as a thorough introduction to the function as a project manager at Sunrise. That’s cool and have quickly given me a great idea of how it is working at Sunrise. Also, I’ve been connected with an associated mentor from day one who ensures that I learn all the right things and also helps me out with all my newbie-questions.

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