The optician industry has also experienced a change towards e-commerce. This includes contact lenses where customers find it easy to just “click and collect”.

Alcon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses and contact lens products with strong brands like Dailies Total1 and Aquacomfort Plus in their portfolio. At Alcons EMEA office in Genève they are well aware of the new digital consumer habits and has defined key challenges that needs to be solved in order to lift their market share and raise brand awareness within the digital sales channels. However, the problem is, that there are hardly any opportunities to influent the online lens customers today.

Therefore, Alcon and Sunrise have now developed a digital content marketing system, that makes it easy for the brand owner to implement relevant marketing content directly on various webshops. Customers will now experience Alcon marketing campaigns while “surfing around in the digital store” buying their lens products.



POS – in a digital format

Metaphorically speaking we have built a CMS that can produce digital Point of Sale campaigns directly into webshops”, explains Jeppe Bo Ebstrup, Partner at Sunrise. “The responsible Alcon Brand Manager can now work from his/her desk in e.g. Prague or Paris and implement relevant marketing campaigns directly into the respective webshops across countries and markets. It is possible to edit and create new versions of campaigns without an agency or even the webshop itself are involved. Everything takes place online.” The philosophy behind this system is no different from implementing trade-campaigns in physical shops. But it is new within the optician business to convert a traditional offline POS marketing mindset into the digital sales channels. It has taken a fair amount of dialog between Alcon and the webshop partners before the system could go live. Yet it has become possible because both parties – Alcon and the webshops – can see obvious benefits from the system.

Alcon now has the opportunity to implement their own campaigns and target these directly towards customers who are shopping for contact lenses online. It is possible to influent customers with various digital stimulation – text, pictures, graphics, videos etc.

At the same time, Webshops feel that they – with the branded content – can give the individual customer a better and more interesting digital shopping experience.

Last but not least, both parties are expecting that the system will provide significant cost reduction over time, since everything is online and can be dealt with centrally.
“We are very proud of this new system we have build for Alcon. It is a new mindset for brand marketing, and it’s ability to have an effect on e-commerce”, says Jeppe Bo Ebstrup, who also reveals that some of the other international clients at the agency already have shown an interest in the system.

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