The relatively young but ambitious shipping company Hafnia Tankers has teamed up with Sunrise to develop the company’s international brand platform.

The brand platform is set to strengthen Hafnia Tankers which was established in 2010 and therefore a young company in terms of shipping. Nevertheless, within a few years the Danish shipping company has become a significant player on the market. Today Hafnia operates one of the biggest fleets worldwide where competitors are trailing behind.

“We have grown non-stop since we started, so today we are more than 70 employees spread over Denmark, USA and Singapore”, says Mikael Skov, CEO of Hafnia Tankers. “As we have reached this size there is no doubt that this takes a strong foundation of branding internally as well as externally. That’s why we have chosen Sunrise. They demonstrated a solid understanding of our market and the primary business drivers. Because of this they were able to pin point with great precision the brand strategic factors that can strengthen our position on the market so we can create an even more sustainable platform for our future growth”, says Mikael Skov.

Insights and good stories

According to CEO and co-owner Simon Hertz at Sunrise, it is now about defining the Hafnia Tankers brand and its potential and with that get out and tell all the good stories that exists about Hafnia Tankers. “To us it is always interesting to get to work with clients like Hafnia Tankers which demonstrate continual growth and at the same time has equally big ambitions where we can help fulfill their potential”, he says. The project is carried on a solid focus on the insights and analytical phase which will ensure a sustainable foundation for the development of the new brand platform.

Experiences that benefits

Hafnia Tankers is one of the latest additions to Sunrise’s client base that also includes other shipping companies like WECO, COACH Solutions and Fortuna Seaside.

This thrills Simon Hertz to a greater extend: “Through a number of years we have built, expanded and proven out insights and experiences related to this business – which will also benefit our future clients.”

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