Dynatest has teamed up with Sunrise in order to improve the brand’s marketing platform

Dynatest is a global leader in pavement engineering consulting services and equipment. The company was founded in 1976 and is both a manufacturer and developer of highly specialized pavement equipment and computer software programs.

The consulting branch of Dynatest has provided pavement engineering services and products on a global scale since 1976. Thus, Dynatest is an established company with an excellent industry reputation. They have a unique combination of in-house analytical expertise and practical, in-the-field capabilities. This enables them to successfully perform many different types of projects and provide practical solutions for an extensive clientele.

The challenge

Dynatest currently has an amazing core-product and a widespread international market potential with offices in Denmark, USA, UK, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Colombia, starting up in India, as well as joint ventures in Malaysia and South Africa. However, the company is challenged by the fact, that they are lacking a common and unifying marketing strategic direction.

This has resulted in a set of clearly defined tasks for Sunrise:

Defining a core value proposition
Dynatest has to express and outline a value proposition that clearly defines Dynatest’s “Why”. Why is Dynatest one of the best in the world within the field of “pavement engineering consulting services and testing equipment”?

Development of communication platform
Sunrise will develop a communication platform that can assist Dynatest in expressing the value they create for the end-client. The clients must be able to recognize Dynatest’s vision: “To provide the best services and tools to our clients in order to assist them with both optimizing their pavement maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) expenditures and improving the overall quality of their pavements”. The platform will be developed in a style and appearance worthy of a market leader.

Design manual
Finally, a design manual will be devised to ensure synergy between Dynatest’s future marketing efforts and to make sure Dynatest is suited to handle the development of future creative elements internally.

Quote Christian Lanng Nielsen
“Even though Dynatest has been a market leader within the field of pavement engineering and consulting for more than 40 years, we have never quite nailed our marketing efforts. We are a company mainly composed of technical engineers, that continuously aim to improve the quality of our products and consulting services. While this is a very noble cause, it might have resulted in a slightly skewed thinking, that a superior product naturally will ensure a steady stream of new clients. Thus, we have now ended up with a product and service that is superior to our marketing foundation”.

“In order for Dynatest to take our marketing efforts to the next level, we have chosen to collaborate with Sunrise. Right from the start, the team seemed very professional and passionate about the task at hand. This, along with their impressive B2B references, gave us a great sense of assurance and security”.

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