An Exciting Start for Project ReBoost

Overall, it’s been an exciting past couple of weeks here at Sunrise since we launched our new initiative, Project ReBoost, in collaboration with Børsen.

The reactions and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive. Not only has the project helped spark interesting dialogues with ambitious companies, it has also led to new exciting collaborations and partnerships.

It has now been three weeks since ReBoost went live and we think it’s about time for a brief status. With an overarching goal of bursting the standby-bubble and kick-starting marketing activities, we believe the best way of assessing the actual impact of Reboost is by hearing about it directly from one of our clients.

A New Chapter for Eltronic Group

One of the companies that has made use of the ReBoost initiative is Eltronic Group. Eltronic Group is headquartered in Hedensted, where the company Eltronic was founded in 2000. Today, Eltronic Group consists of a number of highly specialized technology companies, all of whom share a common business platform. Today Eltronic Group employs approx. 500 employees across a wide range of disciplines primarily within engineering and technology.

“For a long time we have talked about having to sharpen our core story and digital strategy across our companies in Eltronic Group. A quite comprehensive task. However, as a typical B2B company, we often consider sales and marketing investments to be just that – investments. Something you hope will turn into good business in the long run,” explains Jesper Rantala, Vice President at Eltronic Data Intelligence, and continues:

“When we were presented with ReBoost, we saw the possibility of initiating these essential projects now instead of postponing them quarter after quarter. Of course, this also required Sunrise to have the right skills for the task, but we were quickly convinced in their abilities, as they could showcase a tried and tested analytical approach as well as a documented understanding of working with complex b2b companies. Now we are in full swing and there is no doubt that the ReBoost initiative helped make the difference.”

Mikkel Heideby, CCO and Co-owner at Sunrise adds:

“We are very excited about the partnership with Eltronic Group and the companies under the Eltronic Group umbrella. Since 2000, Eltronic has managed to continually expand its business within various engineering and technology industries and they have huge ambitions moving forward. We are satisfied that Project ReBoost could help Eltronic Group initiate new strategic projects in order to carry out these ambitions and are looking forward to the next dialogues, partnerships and projects that may arise from Project ReBoost.”

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