Bringing a piece of nature to the people

Client: CastusTopics: B2C

Transition challenge

Despite being over 50 years old and enjoying high awareness and preference, particularly for its hero product, Castus was dealing with a misunderstood brand perception and unfulfilled commercial potential across audiences and product categories – on top of an increasingly competitive market.


Sunrise conducted a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and market trends, interviewing a number of existing and potential customers. It was clear that a growing focus on health, natural food, authenticity and local produce are all important factors for the target group. While Castus is synonymous with these trends, it was time to let more consumers know about it.

To revitalise such a beloved brand was to pay tribute to its heritage while focusing on how the brand could align with the demands of today’s modern consumers.


The new Castus tone-of-voice, visual style and colours were carefully selected to reflect the simplicity and natural quality of the products. The brand DNA also had to be summarised in a precise statement that communicated everything Castus stands for. Together with The Whole Company’s management, we landed on “A Piece of Nature”. With Castus, everyone can get a piece of nature every day, making the brand universal and both “of and for the people”.