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Weibel – A product that launched a new chapter for the world’s leading Doppler radar producer


As the leading global producer of continuous-wave Doppler radars, Weibel is a true Danish export success that has delivered superior products for more than 40 years to public organizations in the aerospace, defense, forensic science, and automotive industry sectors globally. When launching their cutting-edge drone detection system ’XENTA’ and enter the growing short-range drone surveillance market, they challenged Sunrise to help them create a product concept and campaign that would help them capitalize on the huge commercial potential. 


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With their new XENTA-range Weibel’s ambition was to establish itself as a serious player in the short-range drone surveillance market. A new market to them and in general a relatively young and immature market, with low performance offers and a huge room for improvement. 

As such, the brief to Sunrise was clear: Help us create a product value proposition that position the XENTA attractively and differentiated in the market – and a bold creative concept that will demand attention in the market. All with the aim to establish and conquer an ambitious part of market share. 


In depth market research outlined that Weibel was sitting with a great hand. None of their competitors had a similar product as tried, tested and proven as the XENTA – providing us a clear runway to position the XENTA as a truly revolutionary, superior system. Furthermore, hiding in the cutting-edge features of record-breaking detection and classification with precision and reliability a clear insight emerged that gave us the creative hook for the concept. 

When monitoring critical infrastructure such as airports, harbors, hospitals and stadiums the authorities time to act is critical. People’s lives are depending on the one’s protecting them having enough time to make the right decision and ensure peoples security. This led to the concept “Take Back Time”. An empowering promise and strong call-to-action that highlighted how XENTA enabled the customers to take back time in critical situations. 

The product concept and campaign collateral were brought to life though powerful emotive headlines and a serious, premium photography style, and graphic elements that focus the eye and suggest context. Making the people in the frontline protecting others’ lives the hero of the narrative. Making for a concept with true X-factor. In addition, we developed a dynamic communication system that allowed Weibel to communicate across target groups and play the right messages from top funnel emotional benefits to call-to-action driven product USP’s. 


A bold and immersive concept and marketing campaign that has helped Weibel position XENTA as the leading solution in the market – and hereby at the same time add value to Weibel’s overall global brand position. The launch has already gathered serious media attention and helped Weibel secure new lucrative business opportunities.

“We have big ambitions for the XENTA being a key driver of Weibel’s future growth – and it’s the biggest launch for us in years. Therefore we needed a strategy and concept that could really hit the mark and position us to capitalize on the commercial potential. Sunrise helped us zoom in on the key customer value proposition that has helped us create one of the most succesfull launches in our history.


– Morten Siglev, Head of Marketing at Weibel Scientific A/S 

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