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Creating a brand fit for global expansion



Weco Shipping had experienced a period of significant growth. The company had grown to become a large maritime group consisting of several business units spanning four shipping segments, each with their own brand name, visual identity and website. As a result, Weco Shipping lacked a clear and unifying brand structure, messaging and visual expression.



In order to fully leverage the synergies across its segments and maintain its growth, Weco Shipping needed to adjust its course and adopt a brand structure and visual universe that unified the company and equipped it for further expansion.

Selected results

The entire process resulted in the development of a new corporate brand structure, a new corporate concept including a visual identity and logo system, a complete remodeling of the entire group’s sales material across markets and the development of a new web platform.



One thing is to decide on a brand structure and consolidate your business units around this structure. This exercise, however, ultimately raised the question of what values a new corporate brand should be based on, in order to resonate externally with Weco Shipping’s network of global stakeholders, while also creating a unified internal sense of the direction and purpose for the organization.



Through an effective and agile approach, Sunrise involved key internal and external stakeholders of Weco Shipping, in order to define what business drivers resonated both internally within the organization and externally with the market.
The result was a new corporate concept that combined Weco Shipping’s strong heritage with its modern and dynamic approach to doing business.

“A comprehensive re-branding was needed (…)
This is very important with regards to employees and business partners”

Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg, Owner

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