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Anchoring UserTribe’s Brand for Ambitious Future Growth

UserTribe was one of the first ventures to put companies in touch with their customers, and today their client list includes Mærsk, Danfoss and Mastercard. The growth potential of being in this position is unprecedented – not least if you make sure that the market understands the full potential of the services. Therefore, we added a “Human Perspective” to their complex technology.

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A quick Google search and you’ll understand the dynamic, digital native UserTribe is and the fast-paced journey it is on – “…Danish digital start-up…”,“…100% growth…”, “…major new investment…” – it’s clear to see that the company is developing rapidly. Riding the first wave of digitalization, UserTribe was one of the first ventures to put companies in touch with their customers. Back in 2009, the company began by delivering customer feedback to optimize the digital presence of its various clients.


UserTribe’s offering and customer base have blossomed over time. From Software-as-a-Service to customer experience consultants and vendors of user product-testing videos – growth of core business continues to rocket, and the client list is impressive, including Mærsk, Danfoss, Mastercard, Barclays and Deloitte. The growth potential of being in this position is unprecedented. And yet, many of these clients have a very narrow perception of what UserTribe does and how UserTribe’s products can improve their business.

A smooth operation between client and customer

Today the company can turn around rich format, in-depth video interviews across target groups and markets in as little as 48 hours. But for the founders it was never just about the numbers, more about clients understanding the thoughts, feelings and desires of their customers via an accessible digital platform. This was the key to enabling clients to democratize data and insights and humanize business decisions. Unique to UserTribe, they had found a way to maintain the depth and breadth of qualitative interviews in a dynamic, agile way that brought customers into decision making quickly, easily and effectively. With the purpose of enabling customer empowered business UserTribe was ready to take the leading market position.

“UserTribe is an empathy enabler to drive better business. It’s about seeing things through the eyes of your customer as a human being.”

Jonas Alexandersson, Founder & COO, UserTribe

What do you do and what’s in it for me?

To push a stronger and broader perception of its brand, UserTribe asked Sunrise to help them establish a solid brand and communication foundation. By outlining exactly what UserTribe is and does – and most importantly what’s in it for the customer – UserTribe can send a clear message to its customers and take advantage of the huge potential in front of them. Also vital, was to create a simple yet flexible brand platform that could accommodate future offerings as the company’s ambition and growth continue to accelerate. The aim of the latest collaboration between UserTribe and Sunrise was therefore to create a clear, adaptable and future proof brand.


An efficient, human-centred process
From the start the UserTribe/Sunrise collaboration was devised to move quickly and efficiently to maintain project momentum. Workshops were inspired by “design-thinking” and focused on UserTribe’s customers and stakeholders, and rounds of feedback to refine the final result. Workshops involving top management, an analysis of the market and customer research harvested through UserTribe’s own platform, informed the strategic and creative development of the brand. In just one week an initial draft of the brand platform was presented for another workshop to discuss the key elements developed including a positioning statement, brand manifesto, payoff, concept line, tone of voice and visual style.


A streamlined approach for a strong brand

Feedback was shared openly around the table and based on this Sunrise adjusted and finalized the brand platform, summarizing everything in a simple, tangible brand book to help the organization activate the brand across touchpoints. The process managed the expectations of all stakeholders, kept them on brief and enabled the right conversations to happen at the right time. Such a streamlined project sets clear boundaries, encourages teamwork and maintains energy among participants. The ultimate reward was a strong brand, unanimously agreed upon and ready to execute within two months. Chief Marketing Officer Gregers Mikkelsen was delighted with the result,

“The entire process was rewarding and engaging for all of us involved. Looking at what has worked for the UserTribe brand in the past and working out where we are challenged has meant being able to revitalize the brand platform to be more on a level that our customers can relate to and understand. With our qualitative method, we come from a very “soft” world, but our clients are firmly anchored in the business environment – the brand platform must balance that to be successful.”

Gregers Mikkelsen, Chief Marketing Officer, UserTribe

Result – “Human Perspectives”

The purpose of UserTribe is to create a world of customer empowered business. But to do this the key stakeholders had to take an in-depth look at themselves and ask the question; Do our clients, potential clients and employees really understand what this means?

Following the workshop process considering company, target group and market insights the steering group of the UserTribe brand revitalization landed on the DNA of UserTribe going forward. For a company that has always been based on the response of human beings and humanizing business decisions it seemed entirely fitting that the brand essence should be “Human Perspectives”.

For UserTribe, “Human Perspectives” is about putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and taking their perspective as often as possible to build a thriving business. As a statement it fits perfectly with the way that the digital platform used for interviews hands customers the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the deepest sense of the word. “Human Perspectives” has therefore become the essence of the company, the payoff used repeatedly in all communication and the title of the brand book that is at the heart of UserTribe’s brand platform.

New brand book – a key internal tool
The best way to activate the organization internally is to have a key tool that is accessible to the entire organization and used as a “bible” to educate and inform about the brand. The entire brand platform was set out in a concise and engaging way detailing the essence of the brand including its purpose, promise, payoff, key values and communication concept –that presented the tone of voice and visual expression of “Human Perspectives”.

Our CX offering – sub-branded and clarified
The three core areas of customer experience that UserTribe works in were also set out in the brand book and sub-branded to ensure that they could be easily and consistently communicated to existing and potential customers – ensuring the entire suite of offerings are visible. These being UserTribe DigitalCX, ProductCX and MarketingCX.

Ads – exemplifying the tone, look and feel
Ads were also set out with headlines in the new tone of voice and the new visual expression to be used going forward. These examples illustrate how to communicate with key stakeholders within the core areas of customer experience. The tonality is fresh, yet professional – ideal for the corporate business target audience UserTribe is aimed at.

With the new brand book rolled out throughout the entire organization and payoff boiling down the essence of UserTribe to “Human Perspectives” the brand now has a clear, flexible way forward. As UserTribe continues to grow the company, its offering, and global footprint – one thing remains constant – it will all be based on “Human Perspectives”.

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