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Category Creator Prepares to Conquer the Healthy Snacks Market

The Whole Company sought to merge their two, well-established health food brands into a single, new brand that could take control of the “healthy snacking” realm. A new brand begins with defining a new DNA, setting the stage for a strong communication platform, brand story, brand positioning and brand new identity. Drop down to see the brand new Simple Life by Trope.

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There from the start and defining the present
In 1989, Trope was the first brand to comprehensively introduce Danish consumers to exotic dried goods like pistachios, banana chips and peanuts. Since then Trope has claimed its place as one of Denmark’s preferred brands in the category – and become a natural part of everyday life. The brand is owned by Danish holding company, The Whole Company, which is also behind Toftkær – another specialist brand making healthy products readily available to Danish consumers. While Trope offers nuts and dried fruit, Toftkær takes care of beans, grains, flour and berries as well as toppings for baking and breakfast time.


More than the sum of its parts
The challenge for The Whole Company was to merge the two well established healthy eating brands into one new brand that could take ownership of the booming “healthy snacking” category. The right value proposition for both brands had to be discovered based on the new strategy of consolidation. Together with Sunrise, The Whole Company had to decipher the best way forward and define the DNA of this singular new brand that would be the defining voice of the “healthy snacking” category.

One true voice for healthy snacks

The first step towards doing so was to find the ideal positioning in relation to the target group and the market and consolidate its two established brands under one unified name: Simple Life by Trope. This strategy would enable a strong approach to the market with all marketing efforts backing up the one united brand that could offer a healthy alternative to more traditional, potentially unhealthy snacks. Against this background, a new, strong communication platform that could power Simple Life by Trope had to be defined.

“The starting point for The Whole Company has always been to source quality, plant-based goods. Eating more “plant-based” food is not just a passing trend, it’s here to stay and offers a new, exciting growth opportunity in the category. Simple Life by Trope gives the consumer an easy, clear and inspiring choice that motivates them to eat more healthy.”

Michael Rahbek, Commercial Director of The Whole Company



It all comes back to simple
To lay a foundation for the communication Sunrise first prepared a new brand story for Simple Life by Trope, which combines the previous two brands’ unique stories and DNA into one brand. This meant clarifying the important role that the products play in the everyday life of Danish people. The key word in the story is simplicity: “Simple products, simple tastes, simple processes – from the tree, to the shelf, to the basket for you.” These are unprocessed, well sourced snacks that give consumers access not only to excellent quality natural snacks, but also an emotional reassurance that they are living the best kind of healthy life they can – the simple life.

Simplicity in voice and visual

At the same time, key brand messages were identified, and the brand was given a new, eye-catching “end-to-end” visual identity, to ensure that Simple Life by Trope emerges as a strong and consistent brand that consumers can easily recognize in stores and across digital touchpoints.

With a strong new brand story, main key messages and a visual universe all geared towards appealing to the healthy snacking audience, Sunrise and The Whole Company are now ready to roll out the brand message across all brand touch points from digital to in-store materials – developments which all parties involved in the project are looking forward to. Consultant at Sunrise Katrine Nordgaard expands further,

“With Trope and Toftkær, plus decades of experience from The Whole Company, we knew from the start that we had all the ingredients to create a solid brand with the authority and personality to speak to the expanding healthy snacks category. The new brand story lays a foundation for a brand that gives people what they want: healthy snacks, accessible in their day to day, offering a more simple life.”  

Katrine Nordgaard, Consultant, Sunrise

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