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Persona study, user-journey and an optimised web platform for Templafy


Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014, Templafy has leveraged more than 15 years of experience in template management and document automation to develop an enterprise cloud service solution. Templafy is now a global market leader within its category, validated by blue chip enterprises on every continent.

In short, Templafy brings together custom company templates, brand assets and best practice content directly inside any office application, thereby streamlining how users create on-brand and compliant documents, presentations, and emails. With Templafy, global businesses can safeguard their brand integrity and increase productivity through a centrally governed, secure and easy to use platform.


Templafy can sometimes be complex to explain and understand because it consists of various products tailored to different target groups. Some are directed at CMOs, others at CIOs. Both stakeholders are equally important to be able to successfully implement Templafy in large organisations, but often these stakeholders face different pains and gains. These differing agendas can complicate successful onboarding to the platform. In order to overcome this challenge, various case studies and user journeys are essential to show what exactly is needed for success.


Sunrise started a user behaviour analysis to fully understand the stakeholders and answer the questions: Who are they; what are their passions and pains; where and how are they looking for inspiration; and how is a decision really made?


The result was an in-depth analysis of the stakeholders and how they view the services that Templafy provides. Sunrise interviewed both existing and potential clients and through this could pinpoint a crucial three-step path to success: 1) Problem identification, 2) Analysis and 3) Implementation. We considered whether each stakeholder approached the onboarding process with a negative or positive attitude and whether the stakeholder played a critical role. This led to the creation of various personas in either IT or Marketing. Each persona was given a user profile with information on their pains, gains and business objectives.

With a better understanding of the stakeholders, we then created a multi-site solution in WordPress with personalised content that each stakeholder can tap into. The result is an “Our Solutions” page that both has specific content for the CMO and the CIO.


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