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Offering A Taste of Skagen Since 1970

Over the years Skagen Fiskerestaurant have managed to grow the business into smaller business units within gastronomy, restaurants, hospitality, events and beverages. Sunrises job was then to unify all of the branches into one cohesive brand platform that offers the world “A Taste of Skagen”. Below you’ll find a small selection of the new historic visual identity an homage to Skagen’s historic role.

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Humble beginnings, growing aspirations

Skagen Fiskerestaurant was established back in 1970 serving both locals and the sea of tourists from around the world who flock to the sun-drenched harbour city on the northern tip of Denmark’s mainland.

Thanks to equal parts business savvy, entrepreneurial spirit and creative mindset, the current owners and management, over the years have managed to diversify and grow the business into a smaller conglomerate containing business units within gastronomy, restaurants, hospitality, events and beverages.


With growth and diversity comes complexity. Therefore, the management and Sunrise embarked on defining the necessary course of action to guarantee the most sustainable brand foundation that would ensure a long-term realization of Skagen’s full commercial potential.

Seeking out one consistent brand, look and message for the business units we set out on the following journey:

  • Define a scalable brand architecture that binds the business logically together across segments
  • Distil the brand promise and visual identity – the unique story and design that captures the essence of the company’s value proposition
  • Develop a digital platform that both sells the brand and its diverse set of products


The new brand architecture needed to provide clarity, synergy and leverage. The common denominator for all endeavours was the name – “Skagen”. As such this was chosen as the base point for a branded house strategy, with “Skagen Group” at the top, to create a single powerful image, using descriptors for the underlying business units. Truly underlying the impressive proliferation of offerings under the brand umbrella.

From Skagen to the rest of the world

Within the brand’s legacy lay a deep aspiration to share the truly unique experiences of Skagen with the rest of the world – from their restaurants and events to their alcoholic beverages and the hospitality of their hotel. Equipped with this defining insight we were able to shine light on the brand promise and purpose that had always been present – that Skagen Group offered the world ‘A Taste of Skagen’.

A historic visual identity

Converting Skagen Group’s essence into a new visual identity, meant embodying the uniquely historic culture and geographical characteristics of Skagen.

It was an exciting journey all the way back in time drawing on everything from Skagen’s city arms of the Skt. Laurentius seal dating back to 1535, to maritime signal flags to the historic community of artists and architects who have used Skagen as inspiration and a refuge for centuries.

Logo symbol – a seal to bear

Skagen Group uniquely holds the right to bear Skagen’s city arms of the Skt. Laurentius seal. A right they bear with great pride and respect.


Logotype – a nod to the masters

A new logotype was designed which payed homage to Skagen’s historic role as a refuge for an epochal community of some of the greatest Danish artists, painters and architects during the The Danish Golden Age. Infusing the truly unique design heritage into both a traditional, yet modern typeface.

Graphic principle & colours

Sailing under the right flags
To express Skagen’s deep maritime heritage signal flags were chosen as a graphic focal point. Giving a clear, distinct and unique recognizability.

Showing Skagen’s true colours
Skagen truly has it all, with contrast between the sea and the land, nature and culture, the raw and the refined that you will find no other place in the kingdom of Denmark. By zooming in on this dualism we distilled this into Skagen Contrasts, visually conceptualising how opposite elements meet uniquely in Skagen. This provided a palette of colours for the new brand platform.


Brand value from every asset
Together with Skagen Group we have developed a scalable brand architecture and value-driven brand platform, that has since been implemented across packaging, marketing collaterals as well as on several websites. The new brand transition prepares and gears the group up for future growth across business areas as well as in new markets.

Distilling the essence of a proud heritage
With focused strategic insight, Sunrise was able to align Skagen Group’s various business interests under one unique brand promise and visual identity. Thereafter, with creative dexterity, it executed a concept that truly realized the complexity and history that resonates with both the founders of the company and their customers who return time and again for a taste of Skagen.

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