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There Are No Second Chances with First Impressions

Shark Solutions is a global cleantech company transforming waste laminated glass into sustainable polymers – a process which reduces CO2 emissions by 58.000 tonnes a year. Shark Solutions wanted to be better at communicating its vision and product advantages, and we helped them getting the message across: We created a new narrative about the new normal within PVB applications.

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A pioneer of the circular economy with a business case to match
Shark Solutions is a global cleantech company that has developed a unique technology to transform waste laminated glass into advanced, sustainable polymers that can be used in a wide array of industrial applications. It also means millions of pounds of this material are now diverted from landfills to new products that can be enhanced using this non-toxic material, such as carpet, flooring, paint and more.


Confronting all customer concerns from different industries   
Despite providing unique sustainable advantages to its partners, along with superior product capabilities, Shark Solutions wanted to better communicate its vision, products and advantages. In conclusion, the challenges were many and varied. The only way to tackle this kind of complexity is to tell a dynamic, engaging story that places all these relevant customer concerns into the context of the bigger picture.


A versatile sales tool with the bigger picture
The solution was to develop a sales tool that could highlight all the trailblazing positives of Shark Solutions and put these into the context of the bigger picture – this is a company that will create a new normal within PVB applications, change the industries it serves and improve global sustainability. The presentation also had to be versatile and dynamic enough to be adapted to the different industries it was seeking to target. To tell the right story Sunrise needed to hear it directly from the pioneers themselves.

A wealth of knowledge
The process was kick-started by in-depth interviews with all major stakeholders including the founder and CEO, Jens Holmegaard and the management and chemistry teams. These individuals were able to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of the company and its products to inform the story from all angles. Coming away from the interviews the level of commitment, enthusiasm and know-how within Shark Solutions was clear. What was also clear was that a more outside-in approach to sales and communication would speak more to the pain points of their customers.

The right way into the story
The majority of the Shark Solutions team are originally scientists and chemical engineers, so a lot of their existing materials were rich with interesting facts and rational information. This now needed to be put into a revitalized design and packaged into a communication and experience that inspired a more emotionally engaged response from potential customers. This meant addressing the narrative of the presentation, rethinking the vision and mission and defining a distinct visual expression.


A new narrative for new customers
At the heart of the Shark Solutions story is its vision of a more sustainable world. It has made its business through recycling polluting waste products. Focusing their vision into something that could reflect this and be customer-focused gave a solid foundation upon which the sales presentation could be built.

The Shark Solutions vision

“To build partnerships that drive good business through sustainability”
The vision reflects how Shark Solutions wants to drive business through sustainability. This is the holy grail of sustainability – being able to form a business case for supporting the circular economy. To support the vision, Sunrise then created a mission mantra that could easily be remembered by Shark employees and act as a constant reminder of how to achieve their vision: “Transform, Create, Innovate”.

With the vision and mission in place, the starting point for the story had to be that Shark Solutions is an industry leader at the top of its game. This strong start sets the tonality for the entire presentation – a global industry leader. The narrative then takes a global perspective on the environmental and sustainability challenges we must meet together, gradually weaving in the transformation of the waste glass stream into perfectly usable PVB. An outside-in approach is taken throughout with facts and figures and cases from existing customers that already are benefitting. The deck was then adapted to become a versatile sales tool that addresses multiple industries that Shark Solutions wants to target with powerful, convincing storytelling. Additionally, the many advantages of recycled PVB and sustainable polymers are laid out for each industry with clear comparisons to the existing toxic alternatives.

With a new narrative and modernized look and feel, this versatile sales tool is ready to help assure potential customers and investors of Shark Solutions’ competencies and the advantages of its sustainable solutions for use in various applications and industries.

“Shark Solutions is on an ambitious journey, with a proven business case and strong focus, but we needed stronger storytelling to better communicate the sustainability story. The dynamic deck created by Sunrise has been a helpful sales tool with great effect in the field. It has focused our story and enabled a better understanding of the value we offer in a way that makes more sense to our customers. Looking forward, we believe this tool will be key to elevating our business to the next level.”

Jens Holmegaard, Founder and CEO, Shark Solutions

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