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We Take Care of Those, Who Keep the Wheels Turning

For Sampension, the commitment to putting customers first knows no bounds – not even their advertising. Communicating the three distinct value offers that set Sampension apart from competitors, we developed a campaign that not only highlights Sampension’s commitment to its customers, but pays tribute to the customers themselves.

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Sampension, Denmark’s third-largest pension and life insurance company, sought to develop a campaign, that staged three of their distinct value offers, that set them apart from competitors – their holistic counselling, income security and delivery times. Three value offers, that undoubtedly position Sampension as a company, that take the needs of their customers very seriously. For Sampension it is all about putting the customers first.

The creative idea

Thus, as a creative approach, it was natural to create a tribute to their customers – the ones that every day makes sure the society runs smoothly and the wheels keep turning. And what better way to celebrate people, than by actually showing the ones you want to applaud? Hence, we used their customers, the ones that Sampension exist to serve, as ambassadors of the campaign. This resulted in the campaign “We take care of those, who keep the wheels turning” or in Danish “Vi holder hånden under dem, der holder hjulene i gang”.

The campaign effectively highlighted the three value offers while showcasing that Sampension cares. Cares about their current customers, the potential ones and the working men and women in general, which is why Sampension has become one of Denmark’s largest pension and life insurance companies.

The strategy

The entire campaign and the media strategy were specifically designed as a micro-targeting campaign towards two sharply defined target groups. The campaign was rolled out across social media, digital and print with the well-defined objective to create reach, high engagement rates, awareness and drive traffic to specifically developed campaign landing pages.

The results

Only three months into the campaign, we have succeeded in targeting two narrow- and highly relevant target-groups both online and offline. By now the campaign has reached more than 3 million impressions:

977.597 Impressions on social media

2.141.812 Impressions through online banners

285.335 Impressions offline


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