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New campaign for Ro Copenhagen

Ro Copenhagen might be a newcomer on the Danish jewellery scene, but the brand is already busy making a name for itself. Founded in 2016 by Helle Nissen, the fine jewellery brand hails Scandinavian design aesthetics with its simple, elegant and timeless collections. Every piece is made from 18 carat gold and holds a signature diamond.

Despite being labelled fine jewellerythe pieces are designed for everyday use – made to be worn and loved. A design philosophy that has gained Ro Copenhagen instant popularity among buyers. The brand is currently sold in more than twentyretailers across Denmark, Norway and the UK.

Take the brand to the next level

Although business is going well, market conditions in the jewellery industry are notoriously tough. New brands are constantly entering the market due to low entry barriers, and established clothing retailers are stealing market shares in the jewellery industry, adding to the competition and making it hard to stand out as a brand.

As a result, Ro Copenhagen needed to strengthen its brand position and market presence. Ro Copenhagen chose Sunrise as its new strategic and creative partner to help take the brand to the next level. The first task at hand was to develop a campaign for the new collection, Fryd.

“We’ve been so excited to show the world our new campaign look”.

Helle Nissen


But how do you create a campaign that not only reflects the brand’s values but also enables the brand to stand out in a market, where products and messages converge?

We hosted a series of internal workshops to explore the brand’s heritage and core values, followed by a competitor analysis to pin-point opportunities. This resulted in an updated CVI and a new campaign universe reflecting the brand’s Scandinavian heritage and down-to-earth brand personality.

The campaign was brought to life by a creative team of A-listers, including well-renowned photographer, Sean McMenomy, and rising model, Camilla Christensen, and activated across online and offline media.

“We’ve been so excited to show the world our new campaign.” says Helle Nissen. “It really embodies who we are as a brand and creates a beautiful setting for our new and existing collections.”

The new campaign marked the first step in transitioning Ro Copenhagen to an international brand, as the brand looks towards new markets and expansion opportunities.

Model: Camilla Christensen
Photographer: Sean McMenomy
Stylist: Kathrine Agger
Hair/make-up: Anne Staunsager
Art Direction: Karoline Raben

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