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New communication concept and website in order of strengthening the internationalization process of Riskline

The Danish travel security firm, Riskline, has partnered up with Sunrise in the efforts of strengthening the company’s internationalization process.

In collaboration with Riskline, Sunrise has developed a new communication concept and website. These elements are based on the core values and foundation of Riskline. In this process, Sunrise has conducted a range of interviews with internal stakeholders, which has laid the foundation for encapsulating Riskline’s key brand drivers and differentiating parameters.

Riskline initially approached Sunrise with the purpose of having their “why” defined. It was Sunrise’s mission to identify why Riskline is the best at what they do and why they do it. The aim has been to catapult Riskline towards its business goal of selling more platforms and providing more international business travelers with accurate and operational data.

Riskline operates in a tough industry characterized by large full-service incumbents. These security suppliers dominate the market, which makes it difficult for smaller companies to stand out from the crowd. In addition, the industry’s value chain is extremely complex, which requires thorough and clear communication in order to get the message across to the actual end user.

The essence of the communication concept evolves around an inherent duality within Riskline. This was demonstrated through five unique business drivers, e.g. that Riskline offers standardized products and services but allows for customization when implementing these into the customer’s business.

“Sunrise has helped identify and capture the company’s key values and brand drivers. They have elegantly managed to make these stand out across our communication and visual profile in a solid and authentic manner. In addition, Sunrise presented me with a clear and structured process, and I feel confident that this process can help me take Riskline to the next level”, says Kennet Nordlien, CEO and founder at Riskline.

Exciting and constructive process


“Riskline is a visionary and entrepreneurial company operating in a very conservative industry. We are proud and happy to have been part of this journey as well as helping with taking Riskline’s marketing efforts a step further. This should result in even more travelers benefiting from Riskline’s solutions in the future”, says Mikkel Wendelboe, Partner and Digital Director at Sunrise.

Initially, the communication concept will be effectuated through a roll-out of a new website, branding material and sales material.

Facts about Riskline


  • Riskline is a global consultancy firm operating within the travel and security industry, also known as the duty of care industry
  • The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Riskline specializes in providing real time operational advice and analysis, which the end user can leverage in order to manage imminent security threats in any given location
  • Riskline covers 220 countries and territories worldwide
  • Riskline assists millions of private and corporate travelers on a yearly basis

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