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Revitalizing the Perspirex Brand Platform Globally



Perspirex is an antiperspirant brand owned by Riemann, a Danish manufacturer of specialised skin care products. It was founded in 1979 by Claus Riemann to create “seriously reliable” products. Today, Perspirex is present in more than 30 markets worldwide, primarily sold through the pharmacy channel, with around 90% of its turnover generated by exports.

In 2017, Riemann was acquired by the Norwegian conglomerate, Orkla and with the increase in commercial muscle power, ambitious growth strategies were developed: Riemann and its brands, Perspirex and P20 had to grow 80% – requiring a transition of the Perspirex market approach.



Perspirex faces a number of challenges. First of all, antiperspirants are often confused with deodorants – which basically puts Perspirex up against global players like Rexona and Axe.

Second of all, sweat is a taboo subject and extra-effective antiperspirants walk the line between falling into the slew of cosmetics or medical brands that solve health problems.

Thirdly, Perspirex had to find a way to manage regional and cultural differences across its more than 30 markets, while maintaining a uniform and consistent brand message.

The goal was to create a new brand platform that could address and encompass all of these issues and provide Perspirex with an agile marketing toolbox for its distributors to support the brand’s international growth strategy.



Following extensive market research and consumer involvement from key markets, it was clear that the best way to establish Perspirex as category leader was to focus on its capacity as a “problem solver”.

The idea was to focus on the confidence gained from Perspirex in social situations rather than the problem of sweat itself. Moreover, Perspirex is a trusted expert with a product that not only stops sweat but enables people to live more fully. Its products go beyond preventing worry and increasing your comfort to helping you fully embrace the moments that matter and welcome them into your life.

That’s why we say: Embrace your moment. 

Embrace your moment

With this line Perspirex can steer the conversation of a taboo subject into positive territory – from helping the consumer with their sweat problems to making sure they can enjoy the special moments to the fullest.

With a new line came an updated visual style focusing on relatable and authentic moments in life, combined with a medical “look and feel” to signal Perspirex’ expertise and set it apart from lifestyle brands. The visual style building blocks allow for a consistent, but flexible marketing toolbox that can be used across markets, despite cultural differences or maturity of markets. A hit with Perspirex, the new brand platform is currently being implemented across platforms and markets globally.

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