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How do you establish an exciting educational program, that can help attract young candidates to Q8



When selling a fairly generic product, as you do in gas stations, it is crucial that the employee makes a difference for each customer.  But dedicated and competent employees are merely borrowed, if you don’t make sure, they always experience an attractive working environment with opportunity to grow – both professionally and personally. At Q8, who has stations located across the entire country, they are aware of this.



How do you establish an exciting educational program, that can help attract young candidates to Q8, in a market that has a high demand and competition for hiring the best candidates?



How can Q8 establish an educational concept to help navigate the different initiatives, while giving the candidates a simple overview of proceedings? All of this in a way that doesn’t necessarily resemble the traditional type of education, which many young people are tired of after several years of school.


Q8 Academy – an educational program that helps Q8’s employees take the next step in their careers.

First and foremost, the challenge has been to form a leadership vision to serve as the foundation for the development of the different educations. This should ensure coherence across Q8’s goals and offerings.

”Your Personal Mentor is a really exciting course, which enables you as a leader, to really reach the core of your subject. You will have plenty of opportunity to work on yourself, and the more you invest in yourself, the more you are rewarded. Absolutely recommendable.”

Michael Hein, forretningschef, Esbjerg

Mikkel Heideby, Sunrise:

The Q8 employees already know of hard work. And they know that a job at Q8 is versatile and at times demanding, but always full of human contact and a good mood. It is important for Q8 that the educational offer was presented in the same way. This is done by having interchanging, fun, intense and challenging educational modules, that is based on the dynamic and culture the employees already know from Q8.

Kathrine Hindsig,
Retail Training Manager:

I always find that everyone who attends the educations are motivated to learn, but I also see the hassle and stress of everyday life, that awaits when the education is concluded. That is the challenge – if the learnings aren’t trained, you quickly forget them and end up going back to the known and comfortable ways of the past. Trying something new can be challenging, but once you do it, you often get new results and then the feeling of success follows. That has been important to convey.”

“It was essential that we structured our educational procedure better, along with refining our messages and USP’s in the various educations. It was to be done in an idiom and design that was fresh and appealing. To have this program formulated and defined, will be fundamental for Q8’s continued growth.

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