Pinpointing NEYE’s commercial transition opportunities

NEYE is a Danish retailer and somewhat of a high street hero, selling bags, rucksacks and travel cases in its 42 stores across Denmark and online


NEYE is a Danish retailer and somewhat of a high street hero, selling bags, rucksacks and travel cases in its 42 stores across Denmark and online. A household name in Denmark, the store was established by Johannes Neye in 1881 and is today known for its wide range of internationally and nationally recognized quality brands, including; Samsonite, Fjällräven, Day Et, Markberg and Aura among many others.


Never a brand to stand still, and in light of today’s digitally savvy consumers and a rapidly evolving retail landscape, together with Sunrise, NEYE decided to reflect upon where the brand is today and where it should be going in order to ensure relevance among its existing, loyal customers while attracting new ones securing continued growth. Vital questions had to be asked including;


Which consumers should we focus on – all the way from products to communication?


How can we maintain relevance among them – now and in the future?


Where does NEYE need to be visible – what are the most important touchpoints and how should we be present in these?


When and which initiatives do we begin with, and how should they be prioritized?


A total of 14 in-depth interviews and 50 combined observational and on-the-spot interviews were conducted spanning three cities across the country with online and offline consumers and five product categories in order to explore core needs, experiences, thoughts, feelings and actions related to the buying process.

Building on findings and patterns from the exploitative research phase, Sunrise surveyed more than 1,000 nationally representative customers and 1,300 of NEYE’s existing customers from its database. These initial findings were verified and converted into a broad understanding of NEYE’s most valuable customer segments, a mapping of their buying journeys and a foundation for the management team to further build its strategy upon.

Camilla Raffnsøe, CEO at NEYE, elaborates:

Sunrise’s approach has given us valuable insights into the customers’ experiences before, during and after a purchase within the category, including the challenges consumers face in each of the buying phases and how NEYE is performing across the customer journey. The insights have helped us understand where NEYE is performing well and where to enhance, and which phases to prioritize and focus on to optimize our strategic investments …

How to Ensure Relevance among Priority Segments?

Through the analysis it became clear that NEYE had a remarkably strong foundation, with exceptionally high awareness and other associated attributes such a quality, high service and expertise. However, to compete with more modern, retailers both online and offline, NEYE needed to look for opportunities that could add a higher level of value to the brand in order to attract the primary segment; a brand that can inspire and ignite passion within fashion and quality-conscious bag devotees.

How to Prioritize Marketing Activities Across Touchpoints and Channels?

The interactions and touchpoints for the different segments were mapped and research was conducted into the key triggers and evaluation methods that create purchase for them. This was combined with an audit of NEYE’s existing performance across touchpoints as well as insights into the drivers and barriers for consumers in order to pinpoint areas where NEYE could instigate new initiatives in order to make more of an impact.

These findings formed the foundation for an action plan addressing each stage of the customer journey in order to best; trigger purchases, be present during evaluation online, tempt consumers in store, activate the current customer base and energise ambassadors for the brand.

The Result

NEYE gained a detailed understanding of its existing and potential customers, including key insights relating to each phase of the journey. Furthermore, drivers and barriers outlining issues and opportunities and NEYE’s performance in comparison to competitors were delivered. The insights were followed up with a number of strategic recommendations to support the strategic work of NEYE’s management team; providing insights into how NEYE could transition its brand successfully and eventually conquer market share within the category.

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