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A simple, tactical message during unprecedented times



As Denmark’s leading online retailer, the majority of us know nemlig.com delivers groceries to your doorstep. Over the past few years the company has steadily increased its customer base, but when the Prime Minister of Denmark encouraged Danes to buy groceries online – thereby avoiding physical stores and minimizing the spread of COVID-19 – new customers using nemlig.com spiked overnight.

No one could have foreseen this situation, but what nemlig.com could do was to help all new and existing customers through this time in the best way possible – and that’s exactly what Sunrise was tasked to help nemlig.com realise through communication.

Mikkel Pilemand, Commercial Director, nemlig.com

“Never forget your loyal customers who have been there since day one. It’s important for us that both new and existing customers get the best customer experience possible. We have decided against a short-term approach, and instead, to focus on long-term solutions that help as many customers as possible. This must be reflected in our communication.”




The natural result of a boom in new customers is an increase in inquiries. This made it crucial for nemlig.com to provide newcomers with an excellent shopping experience that could overcome any barriers they might come across online. Research showed that two barriers in particular had to be addressed in communication. First, the higher price perception of everyday goods when grocery shopping online and second, an uncertainty towards shelf life and freshness, due to the lack of opportunity to touch and feel the products.

With such a huge increase in traffic, the management of nemlig.com felt it was time to give both new and existing customers answers to their valid concerns. They decided to create a 360-degree campaign to shine light on two concepts developed to minimize the two main customer barriers to online grocery shopping.



Putting guarantees up front for customers
All customers naturally maintain buying behaviour from physical stores when grocery shopping online. They grab the milk from the back of the shelf, check how ripe the avocado is or browse around for the best price. That’s what they’re use to, that’s what they value and that’s what they want online.

It is exactly for this reason that nemlig.com provides unique guarantees to reassure its customers about good value and good quality. nemlig.com provides Denmark’s greatest “Freshness Guarantee” to ensure the shelf life of its fresh products and has a “Price Match” programme to guarantee more than 1,800 groceries have the same price as Netto.

Malene Langkilde, CMO, nemlig.com

“Our research proves good value and good quality groceries make life better. So nemlig.com’s “Price match” and “Freshness Guarantee” are two strong propositions that increase preference among both new and existing customers and help us achieve our vision to improve quality of life for all Danes.”

Tactical and understandable
– a perfect match


In order to communicate the two concepts as an integrated campaign across all brand touch points, Sunrise created a unified campaign concept and identity to minimize the barriers to online grocery shopping and increase customer loyalty.

To do so, bringing both the Freshness Guarantee and Price Match into an everyday context was essential. The Freshness Guarantee basically equates to taking milk from the back of the shelf and Price Match ensures that you never get overcharged for everyday groceries like bananas, porridge oats or toilet paper – it’s as simple as that. And then we of course wanted to focus on the products, which you get fresh every time and at a good price that matches the market.

Simon Hertz, CEO & Co-owner at Sunrise

“It’s always a great joy to work with Mikkel Pilemand, Malene Langkilde and their entire team at nemlig.com – particularly during such strange, difficult times as we are currently presented with where we accomplish to launch relevant communication together.”


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