On a Mission to Reduce Carbon Footprint

On a Mission Towards Sustainable B2B Logistics in an Industry Known for Its Heavy Carbon Emissions

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Despite it being an unforgiving task in the shipping and logistics industry, DFDS is on a mission to carry out an ambitious sustainability agenda in their B2B division. DFDS’ green ambitions are sky high, but through both small steps and large investments, the company is developing technologies to bring it closer to its goals: reducing carbon emissions and becoming carbon neutral by 2050.


While DFDS’ actions and intentions are in the right place, communicating them remained a challenge. Afterall, how do you overcome the perception of being a major contributor to today’s climate crisis when large corporations are consistently accused of green-washing? More importantly, how do you communicate your sustainability agenda when you have countless loose ends to your green solutions that need to be tied up?
Collaborating with DFDS’ B2B marketing team, we gathered details about DFDS’ sustainability objectives, business models, strategies, and initiatives to clarify which direction the communication should lean. We discovered that DFDS had an enormous number of green initiatives already underway that needed to be shared. It was crucial for the communication to be honest and genuine, to avoid any misinterpretation that DFDS was green-washing.


To do this, we turned to DFDS’ own people, as they are the ones performing tasks everyday geared towards creating a greener DFDS. The result was the concept “We are on our way – one step at a time”. The concept is honest in expressing that there is a long way to go and much to be done, but that, small attainable steps can be taken today. Combined with larger, longterm initiatives that are in the pipeline, DFDS is set to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 by creating new types of fuel, reengineering supply chains, and building new sustainable vessels. The communication never promises more than what DFDS can deliver, using only facts and concrete proof of actions to convey the message.


The concept “We are on our way – one step at a time” respectfully shows the journey that DFDS is on – and the journey that awaits in the future. Creating and communicating a greener DFDS is not easily done. We knew that from the beginning. The result is a line of concept films to be shown internally in DFDS, to unify the people and anchor the sustainability goal of becoming greener than ever before.
The famous quote from Peter Drucker “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is the essence here, as communication was aimed at DFDS employees. By unifying the internal culture towards DFDS’ goals, we supported a strategic goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

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