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New brand film for Miele

To communicate their vision and values, Miele wanted to create a short brand film. Sunrise was chosen for the assignment. Initially used to advocate the brand vision internally, the film is now spreading to more “traditional” marketing channels. The short clip shows potential clients how Miele’s products contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Miele is a German, family-owned manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment. Focusing on timeless design and high quality, they produce everything from ovens to washing machines and deliver sleek, functional solutions to both businesses and consumers.

Washing machines, ovens and fridges – Domestic appliances is usually not a category of products associated with sustainability. Miele wanted to change that notion and show how sustainability, one of their core values, is integrated at all levels of their organization. Not only do they use a great deal of recycled material in production, but up to 90 percent of their products can also be recycled after use.

Sustainable is a big word

It can mean using the excess heat from Miele’s factories to heat the surrounding offices. It can also mean using Miele’s innovative oven functions to simplify the process of cooking dinner, allowing more time for exercising or spending time with your children when coming home from work.

All in all, Miele wanted to contribute an all-around sustainable lifestyle for their clients. Miele’s products can be found in all parts of life – at a Michelin-starred restaurant or at your local dentist. The brand motto, which Miele is built on is “Immer Besser/Always Better” and, hopefully, this is exactly what this brand film will illustrate.

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