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KLP Ejendomme A/S is an industrial estate company with more than 195,000 m2 of office premises for lease.

In recent years, the Danish commercial real estate market has been very strong, particularly in the Copenhagen area. This is a result of the positive economic development and rising levels of employment, which have significantly increased the demand for office spaces, which has in turn increased rental prices and led to lower return rate requirements. Furthermore, the growing demand for office properties can be seen in the rising number of rental properties and projects undergoing construction at the current time – more than 370,000 m2 in the Copenhagen area alone*.

*Source: Newsec, The Danish Property Market, 2018



Even a market in positive development can be challenging to operate in. As such, KLP Ejendomme was experiencing increasingly varied and growing needs from its tenant companies, partly based on the structural development of the labour market as a whole. The changing market dynamics and demands meant that KLP Ejendomme realised their former marketing communications strategy, just like most of their competitors’, was no longer efficient. In order to lift themselves out of the traditional office space category and create a stronger competitive advantage, they needed to define and base their value proposition more heavily on the emotional and social benefits of their offerings. But what was the unique value proposition they could use to differentiate themselves?



Sunrise and KLP Ejendomme started working together on one simple guiding question: How can we create a platform that will align the differentiating values that KLP Ejendomme can communicate with credibility and in a way that the target group will find relevant?

Based on an insight-driven approach, KLP Ejendomme and Sunrise initiated comprehensive analysis work with the purpose of determining the company’s Unique Selling Points in order to define their brand DNA.

The thorough market analysis was based on a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, including an in-depth study of the relevant target groups. This revealed that KLP Ejendomme was already meeting market demands. KLP Ejendomme consequently had a solid foundation on which to differentiate themselves and strengthen their business by communicating how they were meeting the tenant companies’ demands for various augmented office space features. These included:

  • Attractive location – Located in areas with good infrastructure offering tenants an easy commute.
  • Pulse – Located close to vibrant and dynamic environments (the city, shops, restaurant etc.) or be multi-user properties where tenants share facilities and interact with each other.
  • Workplace strategy – Modern, effective and flexible office facilities that can adapt to the organisation’s working patterns, varying head count etc.
  • Branding – Allow tenant companies to display and accentuate their own brand identity (internally and externally).
  • Full service – Must support the general well-being and work-life balance of its tenants’ employees (both in terms of a healthy indoor environment, and facilities and services that can support the individual employees’ health, private lives and safety).


KLP Ejendomme is unique in the industry because they invest, develop and subsequently own, operate and lease their buildings from ‘mortar to rubble’, making their vision for the buildings ‘infinite’. This strongly differentiates them from other property investors, who usually have a horizon of three to five years. Naturally, this business model entails extensive knowledge about the current and future market situation, and a solid understanding of how variables such as globalisation, digitalisation and challenges concerning recruitment and retention of employees shape companies’ demand for office spaces.

It became evident that KLP Ejendomme was able to gain a unique competitive advantage by developing a brand platform that positions them as a lessor offering a superior level of flexibility and meeting their tenants’ varied needs. This covers both the corporate needs of the organisation and the needs of the individual employees.

The commercial brand platform was developed based on three supporting pillars:

Room – KLP Ejendomme offers more than physical office spaces to their tenants. Through their facilities and services, they provide room for human latitude by opening up tenants’ opportunities – in both their work lives and private lives. “Room” is also a symbol of KLP Ejendomme’s own latitude; the mindset with which they approach their work, the straightforward way they meet their tenants, welcome diversity and strive to meet tenants’ individual needs.

Room for Human – Humans are at the centre of everything that KLP Ejendomme does. Leasing companies are increasingly dependent on attracting and retaining the best talents in their industries. For this reason, KLP Ejendomme strives to provide the ideal working environment for their tenants through value-adding services and facilities, which enable them to reach the full potential of their workforce. These augmented office space features create an enhanced alignment between the individual employee’s work and private life, making room for the ‘whole’ person.

Room for Human Potential – KLP Ejendomme’s value-adding facilities and services in their office buildings can help tenant companies reach their full potential. The office space of tomorrow needs to offer flexible and effective solutions that can be adapted to the organisation’s working patterns, thereby supporting the company’s employees in their work and thus enabling them to reach their full potential.

For this reason, the vision to create “Room for Human Potential” is deeply rooted in every part of KLP Ejendomme’s decision-making.

The brand platform has allowed KLP Ejendomme to redefine and strengthen their position in the Danish commercial real estate market for office spaces. It has moreover created a guiding beacon on which to base all of their commercial marketing and sales efforts.

Since the development of the brand platform, Sunrise and KLP Ejendomme have collaborated closely on activating the promise through a focused and integrated go-to-market strategy that spans social media, articles, newsletters, websites, display banners and print.

About KLP Ejendomme

KLP Ejendomme A/S is a fully-owned subsidiary of KLP Eiendom, which in turn is a fully-owned subsidiary of Kommunal Landpensjonskasse. The latter is one of the largest pension funds in Norway, managing more than NOK 600 billion, of which 60 billion has been placed in property.

This financial force allows KLP Ejendomme to turn their visions for the workspace of the future into reality. KLP Eiendom across Norway, Sweden and Denmark has a combined portfolio of about 2.5 million square metres of office/commercial premises, shopping centres, hotels, residential dwellings and land.

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