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How Sonar Implemented HubSpot, to Create a Fully Trackable Digital Customer Journey


Sonar, a market leading customer research platform, already had an existing CRM system in place for its sales department. But Sonar wanted a way to combine the knowledge within the CRM with a marketing automation system, that could help them stitch together their customer journey, from the first point of contact until onboarding of the customer. Given that they already had an existing CRM, the new solution had to be easy to integrate, maintain and develop following initial implementation. 

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When choosing the right marketing automation platform, there are a few factors that are key:

  • Ease of use
  • Implementation speed
  • Integration with other systems
  • Platform development/improvement
  • Budget

In addition, Sonar needed to combine all its marketing efforts (ads, emails, landing pages, and forms) into one holistic solution. This demand for an all-inclusive system pointed towards Hubspot.

HubSpot benefits

Automatic data sync for unhindered data exchange:
HubSpot has built-in integration for Sonar’s existing CRM, which means data can sync unhindered between the two systems

No coding required means quick and easy to implement:
HubSpot is a low code application, which means it can be set up without needing to code or know a specific technical language making HubSpot quick and easy to implement

Constant platform improvement and competitive price:
As a platform, HubSpot is evolving and improving constantly and when the budget looks better compared to the competition, HubSpot comes out on top

In just one month Sunrise and Sonar implemented HubSpot together, integrating HubSpot with Sonar’s existing CRM and setting up Sonar’s marketing funnel. 

HubSpot enabled

  • Increased ability to track customers on digital channels
  • Gathering of the entire customer journey in one system
  • The provision of relevant information about online customer behaviour
  • Know-how about which efforts create new leads, and how best to convert these leads 

“Before HubSpot, we knew very little about our customers. Now we have it all – from first contact to becoming a customer, which helps us focus our marketing efforts for the future.”

Leonard de Freitas Nielsen, CMO, Sonar 

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