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Hafnia Tankers and Hafnia Management had experienced significant growth, and with an ever-increasing number of employees, fleet and pool partners, the management of both companies wanted to build an even stronger corporate brand and identity, that could be leveraged internally to chart a common course and purpose and emphasize the synergies across the entire group to the market.



As two rather newly established companies growing at a rapid pace, Hafnia Tankers and Hafnia Management acknowledged that a single strong corporate brand would enable them to consolidate and seize an even more favorable market position by emphasizing the significant synergies externally.
In addition, a stronger brand should act as common internal guideline for all employees, thus creating a common sense of direction and purpose for the entire organization.

The building blocks of the brand strategic analysis



In order to achieve maximum impact, the new brand needed to be firmly anchored in and informed by the culture of both companies and the demands of their business partners – and as a result, an insights-based approach to uncover this intersection of values, mission, business principles and other brand strategic factors had to be deployed.



Through an effective and agile approach, Sunrise involved key internal and external stakeholders of Hafnia Tankers and Hafnia Management globally, in order to define what values and business drivers that defined the organization and resonated with the demands of the market.

The result was the development of a ‘One company, one look, one message’-strategy expressed through a new unifying brand structure and corporate brand concept.

Global stakeholder involvement

“We have grown non-stop since we started, so today we are more than 70 employees spread across Denmark, USA and Singapore (…) As we have reached this size there is no doubt that this takes a strong foundation of branding internally as well as externally.”

Mikael Skov, CEO

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