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GROHE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, employing more than 6,000 people worldwide and generating an annual revenue of 1,3 billion EUR. Renowned for its high-quality products, advanced technology and award-winning design, GROHE has become a household name.

While primarily known for its faucets and showers in the Nordic countries, GROHE continues to expand its product portfolio by introducing new and innovative products to the market. The most recent of which include the GROHE Red & Blue water systems, the GROHE Sense water security system and the GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet.



Like so many brands today, GROHE is faced with an increasingly complex marketing task due to the large number of touchpoints and channels used to reach its customers. Coupled with shifts in purchase behaviour and entries into new product categories, GROHE needed to gain a deeper understanding of its customers’ needs, experiences and actions – in both existing and new product categories.

Ultimately, the challenge was to take GROHE’s marketing efforts to the next level by using insight-based strategy to optimize its marketing resources and activities across touchpoints and channels. A transition crucial for GROHE’s ability to stay ahead of competitors in order to maintain its market leader position in Denmark as well as support its ambitious growth targets for both Denmark and Sweden.

To support the insights and strategy process, GROHE decided to partner with Sunrise.

“Everybody have been very impressed with the proces and team – both locally and in our HQ in Germany”

Kristine Skauge, Marketing Director, GROHE Nordic & Baltic

The purpose was to identify and describe buying behaviour for a number of key product categories in Denmark and Sweden to gain deeper insight into the course of the customer journey as well as key category drivers and barriers.

In collaboration with GROHE we designed a study spanning two markets, five product categories and two types of buying behaviour using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data.

The study was designed as a benchmark study for other countries.


A total of 70 in-depth interviews were conducted across product categories to explore core needs, experiences, thoughts, feelings and actions related to the buying process, answering key questions like:

  • How do customers navigate through the customer journey – from the need is triggered to the product is installed?
  • Which touchpoints are most important and who is involved in the buying process?
  • Which actions, thoughts and emotions do customers experience?
  • Which drivers & barriers are key for the buying process?

Building on findings from the explorative research phase, we surveyed 1600 respondents to verify initial findings and ensure reliable results for GROHE to act upon and use as leverage within the organisation.

The result was a series of fully mapped out customer journeys including key insights relating to each phase and touchpoint of the journey, as well as drivers & barriers outlining issues and opportunities. All followed by a number of strategic recommendations for GROHE’s future marketing activities including ways to improve the customer journey and a prioritized plan for implementation to support the strategic work of GROHE Nordics’ marketing department.

  • Improved understanding of the customer behaviour across the five product categories
  • Concrete actions for improvement of the physical and digital customer experience
  • Increased focus on in-store activities to ensure a strong presence where the purchase decision is made
  • Higher prioritization of people replacing a shower here and now across the customer journey
  • Clearly defined messaging hierarchy for five new products
  • Improved customer understanding and framework to be used in other GROHE subsidiaries

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