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Great Growth is about Great Partnership

UserTribe enables companies to understand their customers on a deep level, and brings them into the decision making process in a dynamic, agile way. Since UserTribe was founded in 2013, it has undergone a radical transformation and been on an incredible growth journey. To secure its position as market leader within customer involvement in Denmark, UserTribe collaborated with Sunrise to establish a solid brand and communication foundation.

In the video, CEO Casper Henningsen and CMO Gregers Mikkelsen, share their thoughts on the value of good partnership while on a growth journey and how the marketing landscape has become rather more complex.

“Today’s marketing discipline has become a lot more complicated… There is an urgent need for more communication and technical competencies than ever before.”

Gregers Mikkelsen, CMO, UserTribe

A revolutionary human insights platform

“UserTribe is a Danish technology company that helps other companies gain more knowledge about their customers”, Casper Henningsen explains.

Over the past few years Casper Henningsen and Gregers Mikkelsen have transformed the company and reshaped the process of gathering customer insights. UserTribe has deliberately moved away from traditional methods about what customers think – using surveys or focus groups – and are instead focusing on actual customer involvement, i.e. what the customer does and why. The company wants to empower a new way of bringing products and services to market where human perspectives are seamlessly integrated into decision-making across the product lifecycle.

How can an agency add value to your marketing strategy?

UserTribe’s offering and customer base have blossomed over time. And yet, many of UserTribe’s existing and potential clients have a very narrow perception of what UserTribe does and how its products can improve their business. This is where Sunrise added value for UserTribe with a fresh pair of eyes and competencies that complemented its own skillset:

Casper Henningsen clarifies: “We believe that we are good in some areas but we also acknowledge that we need help in others.”

A natural extension of a company

Today, UserTribe can turn around rich format, in-depth video interviews across target groups and markets in as little as 48 hours. This proves that a successful partnership can accelerate the development of a company but only if the partner succeeds in understanding how the company works and thinks and hence act as a natural extension of the company.

Working with external consultants can help your company seeing challenges and seizing opportunities from the outside-in, Casper Henningsen explains. The partnership between UserTribe and Sunrise is a good example of this. A vital element of the partnership has been for Sunrise to help create a simple yet flexible brand platform that can accommodate future offerings as the company’s ambition and growth continue to accelerate.

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