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Creating a Global Campaign Toolbox for Perspirex – Fit for 2021

Over the last four years many events, movements and trends point towards individual empowerment. From #metoo to #blacklivesmatter, the demand for greater equality and the rise of the conscious consumer, empowerment is high on the agenda. So, when Sunrise was asked to create a global campaign toolbox for Perspirex extra effective antiperspirant, ‘empowerment’ was the perfect theme to capture the mood of the moment and express the brands strong “Embrace Your Moment” platform.

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Perspirex needed a series of content containing images and videos that could be used in the coming years to communicate the “Embrace Your Moment” platform primarily digital around its 40+ markets. The challenge was threefold:


How do we make a relatively unknown brand in an unknown category stand out? 
Extra effective antiperspirants are not a medical product, neither are they a lifestyle product like most other antiperspirants – the look and feel therefore had to be carefully calibrated.


What theme will create a unique visual expression for Perspirex fit for 2021?
Having used stock imagery to express the Perspirex brand in recent years, Sunrise had to determine the perfect theme under which to align the visual representation of the brand.


How can all marketing materials work for the target audience and all markets globally?

“As a global brand Perspirex is sold in many different markets including Asia, Northern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. This diversity has to be reflected in our communication. Making the brand relevant to over 40 different markets and educating about extra effective antiperspirants is a considerable challenge for us.”

Marc Jacobsen, International Brand Manager, Riemann A/S


Sunrise was chosen to develop the “Embrace Your Moment” platform for Perspirex back in 2017. Already on point with the brand’s confident, optimistic tonality, the process began with a deep dive into global events between 2017–2021. The research on trends and events pointed towards individual empowerment as highly relevant for today’s consumers. This was the perfect way to position a brand all about helping people with heavy sweating be the best version of themselves.


The result? Confident, empowered, contemporary shots of a diverse cast of models. Renewed product shots with scientific props and staging. An energetic, powerful brand film of consumers engaging in moments with full confidence – all thanks to Perspirex.

“Through the years of partnership with Riemann A/S and the Perspirex team we have gained deep insights into the brand, target group and category, making it a real pleasure to roll out an ambitious new global campaign toolbox that communicates the undeniable sense of empowerment that Perspirex enables.”

Katrine Nordgaard, Senior Consultant, Sunrise

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