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How to market during
Covid-19 to boost Sales


To find the right course for Garant we quickly established a task force in charge of navigating the new landscape.

It’s known from previous research, that brands who pivot their communication and boost their advertising during recessions come out as the winners – they grow their sales much faster than their competitors – both during and after a downturn.

This, partly due to the fact, that a greater SOV (Share of Voice) is obtained easier and more cost-efficient. Looking at the Covid-19 crisis, similar tendencies were seen – prices on Social Media were lowering heavily, due to a lower concentration of advertisers in the market.

To further determine the relevance for Garant to increase their advertising efforts three simple questions needed to be answered:

Based on the above-mentioned insights,
Garant and Sunrise decided to



Increase digital marketing budget by index 150


Adjust communication strategy to remove friction, instill trust and emphasize that stores were still open nationwide


As such, Garant was capable of reacting swiftly and agile to Covid-19.
Resulting in Garant’s best month (March) in terms of revenue since 1982.

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