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From Reporting to Brand Building

With an aspiration to be the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking product tanker company, Hafnia has never let an opportunity to set itself apart go by. As a publicly listed company, Hania’s annual report is one of its most important publications of the year, as it highlights and showcases who the company is, what it does and how it creates value for its stakeholders.

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01/ The Challenge

Ambitious companies strive to create more than just great looking reports – they view them as campaigns.

Hafnia was determined to create a campaign that reflected the company’s personality, and could drive engagement, traffic and build brand preference as well as strengthening its relationship with relevant stakeholders.

02/ The Story

With covid-19 raging we decided that it would be outright wrong to shoot images across borders. Instead, we developed a new distinctive illustrative style that suited the existing visual identity and imagery of Hafnia.

By tapping into core industry themes such as sustainability, people & culture and investor relations we created a coherent illustrative universe that highlighted Hafnia’s strengths, strategy and deep commitment to these vital industry narratives.

The illustrations became a key element in tying everything together from the printed report, the website to the animated social media posts that brought the illustrations to life.

This served to create more compelling storytelling, while at the same time enabling Hafnia to cut through the usual annual report clutter on LinkedIn.

03/ The Results

Hafnia’s left with a distinctive looking annual report campaign spanning both print, website and social media, that has allowed the company to engage, inform and underline its brand position as a top-performing, modern and forward-thinking company across all stakeholders.

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