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Digital campaign from concept to roll-out



The Danish tea merchant Fredsted The is a part of the Danish-owned holding company, The Whole Company. The brand was founded in 1917 by Valdemar Fredsted and over a century later, Fredsted The is a household name in Denmark, to be found in all the major supermarkets with a broad range of sub brands and products. Fredsted The was one of the first to introduce a range of “chai lattes” fit for Danish tastes and champion in the global chai trend.


Understanding Danish taste was precisely what Fredsted The wanted Sunrise to help them capitalize on through a new digital campaign for its latest chai latte launch – Skinny Chai Latte. Fredsted The’s Facebook followers are dedicated fans of Chai Latte and its range of flavours but were showing interest for a version with less sugar. In the current climate of healthy living, a reduced sugar variety makes good sense. The challenge Fredsted The faced was how to launch a new product without cannibalizing sales of its original one and fully take advantage of the dedicated social media following its Chai Latte had gathered.

Commercial Director at The Whole Company, Michael Rahbek, elaborates:

“Our original Chai Latte has a great taste and is loved by many of our consumers. It was therefore very important that we did not suggest that the Skinny Chai Latte was neither a better option nor a better taste than the original, but rather focus on the great taste and that there was now a selection to cover all preferences whether you enjoy more or less sugar.”


The solution was conceived and developed in close cooperation between Fredsted The and Sunrise with particular involvement of Sunrise’s social media and digital team, as the platform was intended to be centre of the product launch. As the product development idea had come directly from online interaction between the brand and its customers, it was decided to stay true to this exchange and launch a campaign concept entirely within the digital sphere. Thus, the idea for a digitally born campaign grounded in customer demand and insights was established.

Online exchanges with some of the most dedicated followers on Fredsted The’s social media channels revealed interesting insights about consumer tastes and the need for a Chai Latte with less sugar. Unfolding this dialogue on Fredsted The’s social media could create an authentic, believable campaign that would speak directly to Fredsted The’s target audience.

From concept to casting, production and posts

As the digital idea was hatched for the campaign, Fredsted The’s Facebook followers were approached to feature in “blind taste test” videos. Invited guests tasted the original Fredsted The Chai Latte alongside the new Chai Latte Skinny with 30% less sugar per serving with the aim to start a conversation about individual preference.

Three online videos were created; one pre-launch teaser, one launching the new product and one follow up film asking if participants had a favourite product or flavour. The campaign presented all the various different participants’ opinions equally and without a unified answer. In this way, it did not encourage the cannibalizing of the original Chai Latte product by giving the impression Chai Latte Skinny was the better option – it’s really down to you!

Overwhelmingly positive feedback

The videos were released throughout August and September on Fredsted The’s Facebook page and were an instant success, achieving a total reach of 107.512 (index 378), 47.727 video views (index 218) and a high amount of comments, likes and shares. And the numbers are still increasing.

Huge demand was created for the product by listening to consumers and putting them at the heart of Fredsted The’s marketing efforts. Using a digital channel that consumers carry around with them and rely upon for their daily flow of information was also a fitting choice of media.

A holistic solution

This intersection of understanding the digital consumer journey, acting on insights from consumers and creating user-centred content has created a successful, holistic digital campaign that both Fredsted The and Sunrise are proud of. Sunrise further developed the new packaging design for Fredsted The’s Chai Skinny Latte, reflecting the lighter option and clearly stating the 30% less sugar per serving offering. Together with the new packaging design, POS for in-store displays was created.

“The Fredsted The campaign has really showed that the synergies between an ambitious and brave client as Fredsted The and Sunrise’s strategic, digital and creative departments can create huge demand for a new product and traction for the entire Fredsted The brand. We are very delighted with the results.”

Simon Hertz, CEO & Co-owner, Sunrise

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