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Top performing asset management company Formuepleje, now has a brand to match


Formuepleje is a bank independent, Danish asset management company with a unique and proven investment concept that since its establishment in 1986 has generated extraordinary returns on investments on behalf of its investors. Starting out with an ambition to raise the bar in the investment management industry and an aspiration to be an alternative to the banks, Formuepleje has grown to become Denmark’s largest privately-owned and bank independent asset management company with a set of outstanding proof points:

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • More than 90 billion Danish kroner in assets under management
  • More than 12,000 investors
  • 22 listed funds

In order to better highlight these accomplishments and support its overall growth ambitions, Formuepleje decided a new, revitalized marketing effort and strategy was needed.


Even though no one could question the performance of Formuepleje’s services, the perception of the brand did not reflect the company’s actual accomplishments and results. This was especially evident in industry image and awareness reports, where Formuepleje did not rank very favourably compared to other asset management companies. Specifically, Formuepleje wanted Sunrise to assist with the following tasks:

  • A repositioning of Formuepleje’s image, which was associated with high risk and high costs
  • Securing a more attractive positioning within the important influencer groups – lawyers and accountants
  • Help in breaking down barriers potential investors might experience when meeting with their banking advisors
  • Increasing brand awareness in order to get more potential investors knocking on Formuepleje’s doors

All in all, Formuepleje needed a marketing foundation that took more of an outside-in approach and enabled it to convey all of its unique stories and proof points while appealing to key target groups and stakeholders. Therefore, Sunrise assisted Formuepleje in creating a brand and communication platform to help reach these goals and to kickstart Formuepleje’s new marketing efforts.


Through extensive research and numerous in-depth interviews both internally and externally across key segments, Sunrise helped uncover the underlying reasons behind Formuepleje’s image and awareness challenges, and was able to identify key drivers of the relevant target groups. The insights enabled us to create a brand that encapsulates Formuepleje’s customer-focused and service-oriented DNA while still showcasing their unique results.

The resulting brand and communication platform included a new brand story, values, brand positioning, dynamic payoff, visual communication concept and tone-of-voice.

Rolling out a new on-point brand
The new communication universe was unveiled through a series of ads in leading Danish newspapers. The ads made use of the new dynamic payoff and helped position Formuepleje as a market-leading asset management company by taking a stance on multiple relevant topics.

In addition to the newspaper ads, Sunrise helped Formuepleje implement the new communication across several elements: sales presentation, online banners, billboards, digital displays as well as a new website currently under development.

Thus, the new communication platform will ensure a relevant, consistent and value creating marketing effort across all activities and elements moving forward.

Why Formuepleje chose to partner up with Sunrise
Stinne Melanchton Betinger
, Executive Assistant and IR Manager at Formuepleje.

“We needed an agency that could showcase a tried and tested analytical approach as well as a documented understanding of our complex business. We’ve had a dialogue with several interesting agencies, but Sunrise was able to put forward a senior team with vast experience from similar cases. Furthermore, Sunrise offers customized solutions as an alternative to one-size-fits-all. We needed a partner with a large analytical toolbox and a deep understanding of the drivers within branding.”

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