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Finanstilsynet (the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority) is probably best known for supervising the financial sector. However, it is also in charge of providing public information to promote consumer interest and knowledge of financial and economic issues. In order to reach the 18 to 25-year-olds, Finanstilsynet runs the Facebook page “På Røven” and the Instagram page @paaroeven, where young people can find tips and good advice on how to keep track of their finances and save on everything from food to fitness. The page also serves as a platform for various campaigns.


But how do you get young people to take an interest in their finances? Let alone listen to advice from a public authority? It’s all about choosing topics that are relevant and relatable.

Money can often be a tender topic among friends – especially if you’re not on the same page regarding what is “cool” and what is “not cool”. Some situations may be clear as day, while others make it harder to say what is right and what is wrong. Who should pay on the first date? And is it embarrassing to ask a friend to pay back the 10 kr. they owe you? For this campaign, we decided to address typical money issues that arise among groups of friends.


What better way than to get a couple of groups of friends in a room to discuss typical dilemmas from everyday life? Sunrise developed a campaign concept tailored to social media and produced 15 content videos to be used for paid social ads. Drawing inspiration from the popular radio program “Mads & Monopolet”, we made three different groups of friends discuss a series of dilemmas all surrounding money and friendships. In a simple café-setting, the friends discussed the dilemmas, deciding what was a “go” or “no go”, while relating their own experiences and giving out advice to others. The purpose was to get other young people to discuss the same topics (or even other dilemmas) more openly with their friends.

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