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Creating a Brand Platform Worthy of a Market Leader


Dynatest is a global leader in pavement engineering consulting services and equipment. The company is both a manufacturer and developer of highly specialized pavement equipment and software programs.

The consulting branch of Dynatest has provided pavement engineering services and equipment on a global scale since the company was founded in 1976. Thus, Dynatest is an established company with an excellent industry reputation.

They have a unique combination of in-house analytical expertise and practical, in-the-field capabilities, which enables them to successfully perform many different types of projects and provide practical solutions for an extensive clientele. Furthermore, Dynatest has a widespread international market reach with offices in Denmark, USA, UK, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Colombia, a recently established presence in India and joint ventures in Malaysia and South Africa.


Despite its global footprint, many years of experience and tradition as an industry pioneer, Dynatest faced numerous difficulties. Through extensive desk research and in-depth interviews with both current, former and potential clients in key markets, Sunrise uncovered three main challenges.

Local players stealing market share
Dynatest is losing potential contracts to smaller, but locally anchored competitors. Clients do not only want premium equipment and services, but also assurances of local knowledge and understanding. This is where Dynatest is thought to be lacking as a global player.

Lack of unified direction and an inconsistent brand perception
In recent years, continuous changes in management have painted a somewhat unclear picture of Dynatest. As a result, the perception of Dynatest is all over the map – both internally and externally.

Not showcasing market-leading position
Dynatest’s communication of the market-leading quality of its equipment and the uniqueness of its full-service solutions did not feature emphatically enough in its communication. Thus, Dynatest’s higher price-point compared to the competitors’ seemed unwarranted to potential clients, not already aware of Dynatest’s history or industry reputation.

The goal for Sunrise was to create a new brand platform that could address and encompass all of these challenges and support Dynatest regionally, while maintaining a uniform and consistent brand message globally.


Instead of proceeding with its current inside-out communication, Dynatest needed to focus on the value they provide for the end-client. This meant addressing the pain-points of potential clients with its unique selling points to overcome local competition. Packaging Dynatest’s unique value in a worthy brand platform was therefore necessary to create a more attractive position in the market and secure real client preference. The findings from desk research and insights gathered from company, market and target groups, resulted in a set of clearly defined tasks for Sunrise:

Defining a value proposition and a new tagline
Clearly defining Dynatest’s “why” helped Sunrise uncover Dynatest’s USPs and better tap into the client’s needs. A clear value proposition was written and signed off, followed by a communication friendly tagline which encompassed the experience, quality and innovation-focus that is at the heart of Dynatest’s brand: Pavement Expertise in Action.

Developing a brand platform worthy of a market leader
The brand platform included development of a vision, mission and values, a value proposition, tagline, visual communication concept and tone of voice to be used both internally and externally to all stakeholders; from clients through to management and employees globally.

Creating a design manual
Finally, a design manual was devised to ensure synergy between Dynatest’s future marketing efforts and to make sure Dynatest was suited to handle the development of future creative elements internally.

The brand platform was well received by all parties and is now distributed among markets to serve as a strong foundation for renewed marketing efforts that endeavour to position Dynatest as the seasoned pavement experts they truly are.

“The brand platform now actually reflects the DNA of Dynatest – our strong innovative heritage and a will to become a trusted partner to our customers. As the new tagline states, our brand truly represents “Pavement Expertise in Action”.

CEO, Christian Lanng Nielsen

Dynatests CEO, Jesper Rantala further explains the importance of creating a brand platform and the far-reaching effect it can have,

“Creating a brand platform is about establishing the value of the brand for its customers and internal stakeholders. It is an outward sign of the brand’s worth and how it stands up compared to the competition. Getting to grips with this value and developing a creative universe with a visual expression and tonality based on it can create unity and pride, align global stakeholders and increase value. We are very pleased that this is precisely what Sunrise has been able to do for Dynatest”

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