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Rethinking the social media guideline

About Dixa

Dixa is a global customer service tech company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its mission is, “To create friendships between brands and their customers, break down technology silos and eliminate bad customer service.”

Since its global launch in 2018, Dixa has become one of Scandinavia’s fastest-growing SaaS companies with established offices in Denmark, UK and Ukraine. The company raised $14M in Series A funding and is trusted by customers in 20+ countries

The Challenge

As a booming tech start-up, Dixa needed to accelerate its global social media efforts quickly. Therefore, the company teamed up with Sunrise and their experienced Digital/Social team to collaborate and swiftly build a framework for their social media presence that was scalable, as well as easy to work with for Dixa’s own marketing- and brand design team.

  • Dixa needed to accelerate their social media marketing efforts to keep up with the organization’s dynamic growth
  • The company wanted to collaborate with an experienced team to build a social media framework mainly for its content production that created more efficiency and was scalable
  • It was important for Dixa to involve their entire organisation in the development of the framework to create even stronger synergies and alignment between their marketing team and design team

The Solution

When Sunrise and Dixa teamed up we realized that to create a scalable framework for Dixa’s social media content production and to build a bridge between the marketing and design team, it required a rethinking of traditional social media guidelines.

Instead of creating a high-level social media strategy, a tone-of-voice and a visual guideline, we cooperated with Dixa to map their advanced social media marketing approach. Together, we created a set of specific guidelines for each asset category they need now and for those to come in the future.

The Solution involved


Mapping tech company Dixa’s advanced social media marketing approach and make it future-proof


Dissecting and categorising the specific social media content and ad assets that Dixa needed now, and those they will need in the future


Developing a specific set of guidelines for each asset in close collaboration with Dixa’s marketing- and design team through workshops and co-sessions


Pairing creative thinking with digital marketing strategy and implementing best practices on social media, to create a unique and innovative social media presence worthy of a global tech company

The Results

The result was a specific and in-depth handbook custom made for Dixa’s social media marketing, describing each asset. With the new set of guidelines Dixa’s design team, marketing team and external partners can work more efficiently and in the same direction. Furthermore, Dixa is now able to maintain a high standard for their content and ads on social media, which was an important factor for Dixa, as a global digital-first tech company.

To summarize, the project culminated in:

  • An easy-to-use guideline for internal and external use, e.g. by other agencies
  • A flexible social media marketing framework responding to Dixa’s unique needs
  • A simple task which turned out to be extremely complex – yet it was solved with a smart, effective and future-proof solution.

Christoffer Kleding, Head of Social Media & Digital Transformation at Sunrise

“This project is a great example of how a collaborative process can create even greater results than first expected. What both teams thought was a simple task, turned out to be a complex challenge. We are proud that together we found a smart solution, that now enables Dixa’s global team and partners to work in the same direction.”

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