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Creating Demand in Response to Lockdown


How does a Danish hearing aid retailer drive traffic to its 23 stores around the country and kick-start activity after the Corona lockdown? For Din Hørespecialist it turned out “The King” had all the answers.


How to kick-start activity post Corona
As the global pandemic gathered momentum in March 2020, Din Hørespecialist, like so many other retailers had to shut up shop and cancel marketing activities. This limbo state continued until the Danish government announced an easing of lockdown restrictions. After reopening, clients whose appointments were cancelled during lockdown, filled up calendars instore for the first couple of weeks. But this short-lived burst of activity was not sustainable. The management teams saw a need to generate new interest in a now stagnant market by doing something a little different to make people take notice. Driving new clients towards the stores was deemed vital and the launch of the new Widex MOMENT hearing aid was the perfect opportunity to garner attention with a unique and relevant offer. But what would be the carrot on the stick for the potential new clients of Din Hørespecialist?


Building on the Widex MOMENT
Din Hørespecialist approached Sunrise to address this task, and together they designed a four-week creative development process. The launch of the lead generation campaign with the launch of the new Widex MOMENT hearing aid was set to go on air in early June to ensure news-worthy value, but also to fill up calendars in stores when activity from the post-lockdown rush starts to fade.

This agile and collaborative process began with a briefing meeting that all key stakeholders including the CEO of Din Hørespecialist attended – of course, with appropriate distance and hand sanitizer in play! The team from Din Hørespecialist elaborated on both challenges, opportunities and the goal of the campaign. Based on this and together with a deep dive into research and campaigns from the past, the creative team began to develop ideas for possible pathways towards solving the brief.




All paths lead to one target audience
The following week, the project team at Din Hørespecialist was presented with three creative directions, solving the task in different ways – one being humorous, another poetic and the third rational – all approaching the task from different angles. While the project team agreed that all directions would solve the task, there was a clear winner – “The King”.

With an Elvis impersonator up front and the headline “Doesn’t it sound like it should?”, an attention-grabbing campaign was created, including a clear call-to-action to upgrade to the new Widex MOMENT at one of Din Hørespecialist’s stores. The direction was finalized and prepared for roll out across local TV stations, regional newspapers and social media to reach the relevant target group – experienced hearing aid users, aged 65 years and over.

Head of Marketing, Kristoffer Drachmann

“I think it has been an excellent process with all stakeholders deeply involved from beginning to end. Sunrise has shown a deep understanding of the target group, the campaign and the category as a whole – and has come up with a creative solution which I’m sure won’t go unnoticed.”

Agency version


A smart creative process and the “King” of idea
The final print ad and film form the core of the campaign with a humorous take on hearing aid solutions that expands upon the subject in an engaging, attention grabbing way.

Lisbet Jantzen, Head of Customer Experience and Partner at Sunrise
was clearly pleased with a streamlined development process and creative execution:

“The entire four-week process was designed to work as dynamically and efficiently as possible, including all stakeholders from the outset to achieve this. The team at Sunrise developed three distinct creative directions that all had equal merit in the eyes of the target group – but clearly, it’s the “The King” that has the X-factor here and will stand out as a lead generation project should. We look forward to seeing the results post-campaign.”

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