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A different type of brand campaign for Denmark’s biggest international NGO

Get the Picture!

The Danish Refugee Council manages an annual budget of more than 2 billion DKK. With 5,000 employees spread across the globe, it’s one of the largest emergency aid organisations in the world.

That positioning needed to be established among Danes – especially among the core target group of politicians, opinion leaders and other stakeholders.

The solution was a new campaign based on a website built on 100 images from hotspots around the world.

We’re there

In 2014 Sunrise created the foundation for The Danish Refugee Council’s brand platform. The branding efforts as Denmark’s large, international NGO was proposed under the tagline “Vi er der” (We’re there). It’s a message that works across the entire organisation.


Insights into the work

Two years after the initial positioning, the next step in the branding process was to create a deeper insight into the organisation’s work. The traditional approach would have been to create a leaflet, but we had an ambition to create something that was more visually engaging. It had to be a two folded solution; the website had to evoke emotions and at the same time showcase the organisation’s work. We decided to build a website that was – especially for the industry – both innovative and visually surprising.

125 pictures from the real world

The Danish Refugee Council have thousands of pictures that document their work out in the field. We chose 125 pictures, had them cropped and subsequently composed a story that you as a “reader” can scroll through online, and thus gain concrete insight into the refugees’ everyday lives and the Danish Refugee Council’s work – from the first life-saving effort to the important re-establishment of life.

See the site  ”Get the Picture”

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