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What’s Worth Knowing During Your Sales and Buying Process in Times of Uncertainty?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on our everyday lives and continues to reshape the way most sectors conduct business. During spring and summer, the Danish property sector has been unstable and even experienced price increases due to greater interest in buying than selling – leading to a booming real estate market.

The Danish real estate chain danbolig knows that during times of uncertainty it is more important than ever to choose an agent with a thorough knowledge of the market, regardless of whether customers are buying or selling. That’s where Sunrise was drafted in to underline this vital differentiator.

How danbolig differentiated during the crisis

In order to meet their needs and minimize insecurity among buyers and sellers, Sunrise helped danbolig pinpoint the value of its real estate agents – namely their many years of experience, insight and knowledge of all corners of Denmark and the difference this knowledge can make. This resulted in a range of branded and tactical campaigns during the summer months communicated under the concept ‘It’s worth knowing’ (‘Det er værd at vide’ in Danish).


Sellers have renewed confidence

The latest statistics in the property market are optimistic. Growing numbers of sellers are showing interest in putting their homes up for sale, exploring their options and booking assessments to find out how the current market is affecting house prices.

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