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Preparing Cybex for Growth in the Nordics



Cybex is a high-end, manufacturer of children’s car seats and baby strollers catering to the needs of today’s modern families and their urban lifestyles. It is equally renowned for both high safety standards and, as an innovative consumer brand. The brand has gained popularity throughout Southern Europe and it’s easy to see why – these safe, lightweight, high-tech products make parenthood that bit easier and lend a stylish touch to any mom or dad.

However, Cybex has yet to really make a name for itself in the Nordic countries – especially when it comes to its combi strollers. So, the task was to create a winning strategy to boost market share in the car seats and strollers category in both Denmark and Sweden by shifting the focus towards the consumer.



In the baby/kids equipment category competition between brands is fierce. Furthermore, the number of touchpoints for consumers is increasingly diverse. Modern tech-savvy parents scour websites, blogs and price comparison sites, not to mention in-store enquiries and the influences of friends and family around them. All this makes it vital for Cybex to be in complete command of all the facts about its customers’ decision-making processes as moms and dads make their way towards a purchase amid the clamour of a market demanding their attention. So, in order to get onto the radar of Nordic parents, Cybex partnered with Sunrise to get to know them better. Besides gender equality, rye bread and Abba – what is it that makes these Scandi-folk tick?


Sunrise conducted an in-depth customer journey analysis for Cybex, commissioning qualitative studies together with market research agency, UserTribe. The data from interviews with 40 parents across Denmark and Sweden was used by Sunrise to identify the buying behaviour of the target group and understand key category drivers and barriers. Furthermore, actionable sales and marketing initiatives was delivered for Cybex to use in the Danish and Swedish markets.

Taking the two key Cybex products – strollers and car seats – key questions were asked to help harvest insights into our customer segment. The project began with understanding the triggers for a purchase followed by how they research and evaluate potential products and get the best price possible. An understanding into how the product is used following purchase and whether the customer would endorse it also helped determine Sunrise’s recommendation for Cybex.

The interviews enabled Sunrise to ascertain the key motivation and goal of customers during each stage of their journey. Insights into the emotional journey created a fully rounded view of customers, as did more rational factors such as explaining which touchpoints and channels they use and why. Zooming in on the customer journey in even more detail, gave further insights into how Cybex could take action and transition its brand successfully.

Sunrise delivered an action plan that addressed every stage of the customer journey. From purchase triggers to advocacy of the brand – a toolbox of marketing activities was delivered, including a marketing plan of suggested activity over a three-year period to maximize the Cybex brand footprint throughout the Danish and Swedish markets. The Sunrise process of customer journey mapping for Cybex was information-rich and dynamic, enabling the Cybex team to make quick, informed decisions about its marketing activities. Armed with insights and actions from Sunrise, Cybex is now fully equipped to steal market share in the baby/kids equipment category – and target Nordic moms and dads in the best way possible.

“Sunrise’s approach has given us strong insights into the challenges and frustrations consumers face in each of the buying phases. Also, it helped us understand exactly which measures were needed to push the consumer forward in each state of their decision-making process, and to prioritize which phases to focus on to optimize our sales and marketing investment.”

Ole Hagen, Cybex, Country Manager Scandinavia

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