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A United Effort to Revitalize Garant’s Brand for Max Appeal and Max Sales!

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Only a few months in, and the results of the new strategy has already proven a huge commercial
success and helped increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of Garant’s marketing efforts.



Hungry for more
Garant is Denmark’s largest retail chain dedicated to the sale of carpets, flooring, blinds and tiles. Established in 1982 with over 60 stores, its domestic footprint is strong and to date turns over 1 billion Danish kroner every year. As part of an ambitious growth strategy, Garant was looking to further cement and strengthen the chain’s position by capturing additional market share in its core categories.

This would require a united effort and a new creative concept that could speak to a broad target audience about what is at the heart of not just one, but 63 unique Garant stores. Sunrise was onboard for the transition.



Finding the brand’s “golden ticket”
Garant’s strengths were clear, so the aim was to capitalize on these through revitalizing the chain’s marketing efforts in one united drive. The first challenge was for Sunrise to understand the common denominator of Garant’s many members and the varied selling styles and personalities of its different stores. Discovering this “golden ticket” of a core DNA that every member could relate to was the starting point for creating a differentiated brand communications platform. Second was how to secure a creative concept that all members could get behind and believe in. And third, was how to develop and deploy a go-to-market strategy that would build the brand long-term and ensure day-to-day traffic and sales in all stores. The challenge was on.


A 360° brand check
The hunt for Garant’s “golden ticket” meant an in-depth insight and analysis project of internal and external stakeholders; uncovering the brand’s DNA, consumer needs and the competitive landscape. Sunrise began by leading internal workshops with Garant’s stakeholders and members. The process involved an honest appraisal of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses from top management to individual stores all over Denmark. This appraisal meant uncovering challenges and opportunities for Garant that were to inform the chain’s unique value proposition.

To get a rounded view of Garant from the outside in we dived into persona, trigger and brand studies covering both qualitative and quantitative data, uncovering insights about where the chain stood and where they should move towards in the future.

Claus Astrup Larsen, Chairman of the Board, Inbogulve AmbA (chain office for Garant)

“Our ambitions are high, and we want to create an even stronger foundation for growth that can lift sales across all product categories. We believe that the new strategy can take the whole chain to the next level – position us even stronger and lift the top line. It is an exciting journey and we look forward to further cooperation.”

The Garant Factor

Distilling the “Garant Factor”
All our findings were used to ascertain Garant’s unique value to the market. From the high quality of its products to great in-store advice, professional service, a broad, inspiring product range and great tradesmanship, the “Garant Factor” was distilled to being “The whole of Denmark’s local flooring and blinds expert”. With all members onboard and in agreeance with the “Garant Factor”, a strong creative universe speaking to a broad target audience –both young and old– could now be developed.

Brand mascot – introducing Max!
A strong creative grip, proven by brands the world over is mascots. Think Duracell Bunny, the Michelin Man and the M&Ms guys. Sunrise decided to personify the Garant brand and “Max” was born – a brand personality that can actually communicate with the target audience.

Personifying the brand for broad appeal
Max is a fun, down to earth guy who loves good quality and a good deal. His catchphrase is “Det er ikke bare i orden, det er max i orden!”, which roughly translates to “It’s not just great! It’s great to the max!” Max has broad appeal to families with kids, young professionals and all the way up to older, retired folks – underlining Garant’s position. He has a distinct Danish personality that the entire nation can relate to.

A campaignable mascot and catchphrase
Max’s name and his catchphrase can be used in an engaging way to emphasize the Garant factor – high quality, great advice, product range, locality – all this is offered to Garant’s customers – to the max!

A brand platform for future growth
Max and his catchphrase now serve as the foundation for the development of Garant’s entire go-to-market strategy. In this way Garant will present one united brand to all customers nationwide. All members and stores now have a way of communicating that they can truly get behind and having been brought on the journey towards creating Max, a strong foundation has been set for Garant’s future growth.

A go-to-market strategy with MAX impact

Putting the brand to work

With a new brand platform and brand mascot to rally behind (link to brand platform case), Garant
needed a future-proofed go-to-market and campaign strategy that would balance both the demand
for meeting short-term sale targets with the goal of building a long-term profitable, sustainable brand
– ensuring commercial success.

The new rules of the game

In today’s rapidly changing media landscape, the customers are in full control. They’re always on, wellinformed,
critical and have no patience. Their use and evolving behaviour across multiple and
connected platforms provide headaches for even the most savvy marketers.

So, how do a retailer like Garant clear a path for success with their go-to-market and campaign efforts,
and create a connected marketing funnel that, in a price- and campaign-driven retail market, connects
with the consumer; builds brand equity and drive market share?

Think like a brand act like a retailer

Building on recognized research and best practices, we constructed a go-to-market strategy based on
the following building blocks:

  1. 50/50 split between brand building and sales activation
  2. For brand building: Broad-reach media, focusing on emotional priming
  3. For sales activation: Highly (re)targeted, information-rich media, with a rational message

Focusing on both the long and short-term marketing effects, a balanced 360-degree marketing mix
was implemented utilizing TV, print, display, search, and social media. To ensure the “new” Garant
brand story was imprinted broadly and deeply across the target audience.

Igniting life into Max

With the go-to-market strategy in place, it was time to launch the new creative universe with the
brand mascot MAX at the centre stage. The aim was to translate Garants brand values, core
competencies and value proposition into engaging and involving communication that connected with
target audiences.

In the process of developing the universe, we first and foremost set out to work with a very basic and
universal sense of humor. That kind of humor that brings a little smile to everyones face.

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