B2B | COACH Solutions

A website and digital strategy geared for global expansion



COACH Solutions, an online tool for fleet monitoring, had achieved a considerable global market share and thus experienced increased traction, and as a result a strengthening of the company’s digital presence was needed.



COACH Solutions’ client portfolio includes some of the world’s largest shipping companies, and the development of a new corporate website was necessary, in order for COACH Solutions’ online presence to reflect the gravity of the business and the client base.



Besides profiling COACH Solutions internationally by showcasing client cases and facilitating knowledge sharing, the aim of new website was also to act as an important lead generation engine supporting the sales efforts of COACH Solutions globally.



The new B2B-website was developed utilizing Sunrise’s proven agile approach, including initial strategic considerations and recommendations as well as the design and development of the website.



Increase in time spent on site per visitor
in the last 6 months of 2018


Increase in lead conversion via the website
in the last 6 months of 2018

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