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Revitalizing a Beloved Brand for Today’s Consumers


Castus is a plant-based snack brand owned by The Whole Company which has various other whole food produce brands. Since 1952 Castus has been Denmark’s number one fruit and vegetable snack brand. Its products are made from 100% natural and plant-based whole foods such as dates, strawberries, figs and nuts that are then made into snacks and treats. That’s why the brand is named Castus – meaning “purity” in Latin.


Fierce competition and unfulfilled commercial potential
In close collaboration with its longtime strategic partner Sunrise, The Whole Company identified a number of strategic challenges that the Castus brand was facing. Despite having been established for over half a century and enjoying high awareness and preference, particularly for its hero product, fruit bars, Castus was experiencing an increasingly competitive market, misunderstood brand perception and unfulfilled commercial potential across audiences and product categories.

Commercial Director at The Whole Company, Michael Rahbek, expanded upon the potential of addressing these challenges:

“There is great potential to grow Castus in today’s market and we have the opportunity to capitalize even more on our past successes. It is not just an opportunity, it is a “must” in order to defend and strengthen our business in the face of growing competition within a rapidly expanding category.”


Tight focus on modern consumers and market trends
Solving the challenges experienced by Castus, Sunrise had to focus on the market and consumers. Sunrise conducted a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and market trends, interviewing a number of existing and potential customers. It became clear that a growing focus on health, natural food, authenticity and local produce are all important factors for the target group. While Castus is synonymous with all these trends, it was time to let much more consumers know about it.

Beyond these trends, there is also something very unique about Castus – it’s a part of our shared history – a brand we all grew up with. To revitalize such a well-loved brand was to pay tribute to its heritage while focusing on how the brand aligns even more with the demands of today’s modern consumers.

Determining the must win battles for Castus


Based on thorough analysis, Sunrise compiled the company, consumer and market insights upon which a new commercial strategy for Castus was based and its revitalization determined. Two main must-win battles were identified for Castus that would invigorate and grow the brand in both the short and long-term.

The first included the development of a new brand and communication platform to find the core of the brand and the long-term differentiating factors that could form the basis of everything Castus does. The new positioning and core brand story were then translated into consumer-friendly communication to strengthen the identity of Castus and highlight its unique personality.

The second must-win battle was to work out how to grow the brand through an innovative approach to future business. With extentive strategic brand development accomplished, the coming year looks to be another enriching year for Castus with extensive development planned in the pipeline.



“A Piece of Nature” for modern consumers
With the strategy in place the Castus brand was ready to be shaped creatively, starting with the pillars upon which the brand could be based, so that everyone internally would have a clear understanding of Castus. The new Castus tone-of-voice, visual style and colours were carefully selected to reflect the simplicity and naturalness of the products. The brand DNA also had to be summarized in a concentrated, succinct statement of everything Castus stands for. Together with The Whole Company’s management the Sunrise team landed on “A Piece of Nature”; with Castus everyone can get a piece of nature every day – whoever they are – making the brand universal, both “of and for the people”.

Brand reinforcement through product launches and social media


The journey towards the new Castus has just begun, including new products launches with new packaging, SoMe communication and in-store materials designed to speak specifically to modern parents and their kids – all with a uniform, consistent look to help build the brand going forward. With the revitalized brand strategy, Castus is now set to tell the true story of its brand.

Consultant from Sunrise, Katrine Nordgaard, describes the Castus journey to date:

“It has been extremely rewarding to watch the brand take shape and gain relevance for today’s consumers – all the way from the initial strategic part of the process together with the management of The Whole Company to the positive engagement from Castus’ loyal social media followers. Working on such a well-loved household brand with Michael Rahbek and his team has been a real privilege and we look forward to building on this solid foundation in the future.”

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