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Understanding the keys to a successful marketing strategy with BKI’s Anders Fisker Olesen

Since 1960, BKI Foods has delivered high-quality coffee to Danish consumers. In addition to being the largest coffee supplier in Denmark, BKI’s international distribution makes it one of the largest players on the market.  BKI has also expanded its product range to include specialty foods and snacks.

As one of the oldest brands in the Danish coffee market, BKI Foods realised it was time to reconsider its brand platform to stay ahead of competitors. This reconsidering led to a partnership with Sunrise, as we worked together with BKI to develop a brand and communication strategy aimed at maintaining the brands strong position in the market.

BKI’s Head of Marketing Anders Fisker Olesen shares his thoughts on what makes a successful marketing strategy, including when to re-evaluate current strategy, how to plan and execute a new strategy and why external eyes can help raise the bar.

When to re-evaluate your current marketing strategy?

“When growth is no longer there or when the market is being strengthened either by product launches or strong campaign positions. Both these are signs of losing strength which translates to loss in market share. It can also be when my brand measures show me that I’m no longer building down the marketing funnel. This means I’m standing still, and therefore something needs to change. The question becomes, is the problem the strategy or is it the execution of the strategy”?

Tips for a successful marketing strategy


“First, you must always align expectations with your manager early and be sure to answer the question: what will this strategy solve? Another important element is to build the strategy with your team by using minds and hearts. Think rationally and emotionally and involve the entire team in both the development and execution of the strategy. And finally, be relentless about ensuring your marketing work translates into actual strategy. Once you have decided what you want to achieve, you must be disciplined in sticking to what will get you there”.

“I believe in being open, honest, and transparent about saying, ‘right now, we are aiming so high that we can all learn something from involving an external partner’”.

Anders Fisker Olesen, Head of marketing, BKI Foods A/S

Raising the bar with external muscle

“The tasks we have in our internal marketing team are often repetitive and occur with a high frequency. I think a partner offers a fresh vision. When you have been in the company for just 1.5 years, as in my case, then there are many things you take for granted. The external partner does not take anything for granted. They ask all the questions I might forget are necessary to ask”.

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