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An Asset Manager with Its Values in the Right Place

When BankInvest asked us to strengthen their brand, we told them to do this: Nothing. Or almost nothing. Their business was already at the center of the attractive balance between impeccable accountability, thoughtful advisory, solid value creation and an action-backed sustainability focus. No reinvention was needed, instead we extracted the DNA, told the story and added a pinch of magic.

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A solid foundation since 1969
As one of Denmarks largest asset managers and provider of mutual funds, investment and equity funds BankInvest in numbers:

  • AUM: +113 billion DKK
  • Distributors: + 50 Danish and foreign banks
  • Private investors: +210,000


Established back in 1969 BankInvest aims to provide high-quality asset management and administration to clients at home and abroad. They offer strong products, solid performance and has for three years in a row ranked as number one in the acclaimed Prospera customer satisfaction survey. Furthermore, as the first Danish asset manager to sign the UN-supported principles for responsible investment (UN PRI), they can, with confidence, claim to have a focus on sustainability, ethics, and accountability.
All in all, they check all the boxes of a leading market player. So, were there any challenges and uncapitalized potentials to spot?


Through initial in-depth conversations and discussions, BankInvest and Sunrise saw it fit to work on strengthening and differentiating the brand concerning the following market observations:

  1. Low perceived differentiation between market players
  2. Image score and awareness level within the private investor segment didn’t match BankInvest’s capabilities and value proposition
  3. Increasing shifts in market dynamics, due to increased pressure from passive funds like ETFs and digitilization disrupting retail investments.

The conclusion was drawn that BankInvest didn’t capitalize enough on the value it delivered to its stakeholders causing too much brand equity to be left on the table.
Something needed to be done; BankInvest needed to establish, conquer and cement a brand position that matched their proven ability and differentiated them more clearly in the market.


Through a brand strategic research project which triangulated company, target group, and market insights and included +30 hours of in-depth internal and external interviews across all relevant stakeholder groups, various strategic brand concept directions were tested.

The process revealed that BankInvest’s current core values and patterns of action were already at the center of the most sought-after balance between impeccable accountability, second-to-none competencies, thoughtful advisory, solid value creation, and an action-backed sustainability focus.
BankInvest didn’t need to reinvent itself, but simply focus on its essence and add a pinch of magic. With well-aligned values and actions, the recipe for a strong brand was simply to put these values up front, translating them into a value proposition and promise that could be moulded into a distinct brand concept. That concept was finally defined as “Acting with Consideration” (Danish translation: ”Handler med omtanke”).

In one sentence it emphasizes BankInvest’s role as an active asset manager while highlighting their mindfulness and forethought for outcomes before acting. “Acting with Consideration” applies to their sharp risk management, precise weighing up of the potential returns and, not least, to their accountability to the outside world concerning sustainability and ethics. As BankInvest itself says: “Our actions must generate returns, but not at all costs.



Creating the brand platform has been all about extracting the DNA of BankInvest – the defining qualities that set them apart and create a clear-cut purpose that brings together management, employees, customers and all other stakeholders in one common focus. Going forward, BankInvest now has a brand that lives up to its keen skill for asset management and mindful approach to how business effects the world around it.

One brand, one look, one message
Bankinvest is now working from a coherent brand platform with everything from positioning, brand promise to value proposition and corporate visual identity coming together to reflect its true identity across all platforms.

The brand has been built from within
At all levels of the organization “brand buy-in” was considered crucial to create the proper internal movement that can be spread externally. BankInvest and Sunrise hosted a companywide kick-off and video interviews with employees from top to bottom, asking them to share what “Acting with Consideration” meant for them.

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