An X-traordinary Product Launch in a New Market

Since 1963 JAI has provided innovative industrial camera solutions to worldwide leading manufacturers within countless industries.

The objective

With its strong heritage as a premium industrial camera supplier, JAI is setting out to conquer the volume market, which is characterized by fierce competition, sharp prices and similar products.

The first step on this journey is the launch of JAI’s Go-X series. In an industry where everyone is shouting about similar product features, JAI, together with Sunrise, assessed their ability to differentiate from the competition. The conclusive answer was to create a distinctive position by leveraging JAI’s unique heritage and outstanding reliability.

The solution

Sometimes the solution is closer than you think. Sometimes it’s right in front of you, or actually – in the name of the product itself. That’s why the team landed on the concept: “Go for X”. “Go” being actionable and “X” being the X-factor, that has enabled JAI to engage with its target audience in a compelling way. Visually, the solution was to highlight “X” as a dominating graphic element, using this to draw the attention of potential customers and refer to one of their key drivers in the communication – “X-ceptional” reliability and manufacturing quality.

The results

The result is a product concept, that enables JAI to communicate in an exclusive and eye-catching way about their new offering to the market. Surrounding the product concept is an integrated campaign all designed with one specific focus in mind – to drive commercial goals.

Usman M. Syed, VP Strategy & Digital Innovation

“The product concept has given JAI a fresh new voice and identity, allowing us to create a “splash” in, what to us, is a relatively new market, so that we can establish JAI properly from the get-go. We believe this acts as a strong foundation for gaining future market share.”

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