Sunrise Session – Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

From founder led sales to predictable B2B sales in 18 months

Have you heard about Onomondo?
Maybe not, yet…

In mid-2020, Onomondo was a tech start-up with a founder led sales model which could close logos like Maersk and Donkey republic but it lacked predictability and scalability.

6 quarters later, the heart of Onomondo’s commercial engine is an outbound B2B sales engine operating with a high degree of both predictability and scalability.


Are you curious to learn:
  • How to scale a B2B business?
  • How to build an outbound sales function?
  • What processes, frameworks and metrics look out for?
We thought so.
That’s why we’ve invited Onomondo’s CCO Anders Buchmann in to give a back-stage tour of their commercial powerhouse that just took Onomondo past $1m ARR with another $4m ARR booked.


2nd of March 2022

Sign up for our sunrise session “From founder led sales to predictable B2B sales in 18months” Wednesday 2nd of March 2022 from 09:00 am – 10:00 am.


We’ll cover:


  • Strategy, hiring and processes – not fluffy and buzzwords but how Onomondo combined the best of many best practices into their own “Commercial Ecosystem”
  • Prospecting – building a rigid, data driven and scalable process to find business to hunt
  • Qualifying – how junior talent qualifies customers from cold/lukewarm to  AE-ready handover
  • Closing – what methodology and deal stages are used


We know Anders isn’t a big fan of fluffy key notes so expect him to bring some data on the actual 2021 results as well. 


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Jonathan Riis Gilmartin Is the youngest Hubspot certified trainer in the world and head of crm and sales enablement at Sunrise. He has extensive experience in helping organizations setting up their CRM, sales and marketing systems and making sure they work in the most optimal way.

Anders Buchmann Is a very experienced commercial leader, with many years working in marketing, sales and different commercial positions. He has worked at Bang & Olufsen for many years and now heads the commercial department at the fast growing scaleup Onomondo, which helps companies all around the world with managing their IOT solutions.



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